An accent wall in the interior design and decorating is a valuable element. One of the most popular interior design trends today, accent wall designs for bedroom allows the designer to express personality and good taste. Therefore, an accent wall is a go-to option to design with personal tastes and preferences.

Now that you are over the initial buzz of 2021, its time to get some work done. Here are five accent wall design ideas for bedrooms to inspire your 2021 renovation!

1. Art-inspired accent wall design ideas

accent wall designs for bedroom

Designer: Elena Sedova

The monochromatic ambience, crafted by designer Elena Sedova presents a beautiful accent wall in the bedroom. The white panels create a perfect backdrop to the brilliant artwork grabbing the visual attention in the room.

Moreover, the textural rug leads the visual intrigue up to the artwork, optimizing its function as a focal point of the design.

With accent wall design ideas, you have to create balance to not make your space appear overwhelming. Therefore, the singular brown chair on the other side of the room balances the design’s visual weight.

2. Panels for accent wall designs for bedroom

accent wall designs for bedroom

Architect: Đình Dũng Hoàng

Instead of splurging over expensive artworks or pretentious materials, this bedroom interior design presents a lovely accent wall. Lighting up space with a subtle accent wall can be the perfect way to get started without putting in much effort!

3. Exposed brick walls: Accent wall designs for bedroom

chic brick bedroom walls

Visualizer: Elena Zhulikova

Perfect for the minimalist, rustic and modern to contemporary bedroom interior design, the exposed brick walls carry immense value for design enthusiasts.

This is the best option for you to get started if you want a more straightforward expression of taste, style and beautiful aesthetics. With a classic white facade, the accent wall retains enough texture to create an impeccable design!

The painting serves as the bed’s headboard, and the overall look creates a stunning display of taste and personality!

4. Go gaga over geometric accent wall designs for bedroom

large headboard ideas

Designer: Sequoia design studio; Visualizer: Sequoia design studio

The geometric patterns in modern design and decorating carry immense interest in the present design scenario. Therefore, if you are looking for an accent wall, pair a few geometrical styles and get your bedroom interior design a classy facelift!

This creative design presents an exciting mix and match of painted and unpainted boards. Moreover, the cupid bed frame serves as an extension of the headboard with intriguing diagonal lines.

5. Present simple contrasts: accent wall designs for bedroom

geometric bedroom inspiration

Visualizer: Polouektov Vladimir

Designing an accent wall for your bedroom can appear to be a daunting task. However, once you get through the initial phase of hesitation and let your basic knowledge of colours and materials work together, you’ll be surprised!

Pairing this white bedroom with large mosaic wooden rhombuses creates a luxurious ambience that is impossible to miss! The plush rectangles over the headboard are a cherry on top!

PIcture courtesy: Home-designing