An organized workspace can boost your productivity and get you the most out of your time. However, your space must fit the interior design style of your place. Not sure where to begin? These five simple desk organizers can help you immensely to declutter your workspace!

Here are five beautiful desk organizers to get you the most out of your day!

1. Simple mesh desk organizer

declutter your workspace

Most often the papers and pens are the primary items that form the clutter over your workspace. In case you’re looking for an easy way out to keep things organized and tidy, consider this mesh metal organizer as an important addition to your place.

The ample storage space helps in keeping the folders stashed up top in the dividers, while the space for pamphlets is below. Additionally, the pens and Post-Its can be easily put in the pull-out drawer.

2. Desktop organizer from Jerry & Maggie

declutter your workspace

This glorious addition to your home office design can add a cleaner outlook and structure your workspace according to the utility.

The white-wood desk organizer (also available in dark wood and full white) comes in two parts that can be assorted and secured together to build one piece. This beautiful desk organizer presents a file organizer for your projects and even a smaller desk organizer for easy access for daily necessities!

3. MobileVision Bamboo desk organizer

declutter your workspace

Fed up with losing your daily stationery items? This cute little desk organizer can do wonders to your productivity.

Built for holding smaller stationery items like pens and Post-It Notes, this desk organizer is simple yet highly efficient. With a bamboo body and rubber pad bottoms, it stays in place and doesn’t scratch your beautiful work desk. If you’re looking for a simple addition that will take care of your clutter woes, this is the thing to buy!

4. EasyAcc Desk Organizer with Wireless Charging

declutter your workspace

The future is in!

Have a smart device that needs Qi-compatible wireless charging?

This beautiful desk organizer is a favourite for many. In addition to keeping your home office design clean and tidy, this desk organizer keeps your phone all juiced up and ready to go for the next conference call!

Declutter your workspace, plug it into an outlet via a USB port, and you’re good to go!

5. SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor stand

declutter your workspace

Having an ergonomically sound workplace is important. A poor monitor position can get your neck, back and head in compromising positions. With a monitor stand, you can build a healthy connection with your work and multiply your productivity!

This black metal monitor stand can raise your screen 5.8 inches up from the surface. What’s more? It is equipped with an organizer drawer beneath, in addition to the side slots that immensely help to declutter your workspace efficiently!