The Banquette seating is the best way to add lush luxury and comfort to a dining room, an eat-in kitchen, or really any place with a table that needs a facelift. So what really differentiates a banquette from a normal bench or built-in?

Regardless of the interior design styles, a banquette is a bench that aims to provide extra table-adjacent seating. If you’re someone who has a thing for comfy, functional yet stunning design of a restaurant instead of sitting in the standard old chairs, then it’s high time you treat yourself to a banquette at home. Presenting five gorgeous dining room banquette seating ideas suiting all the interior design styles!

1. Dining room banquet seating ideas: Mix and match

dining room banquet seating ideas


This design from Tiffany Brooks for the House Beautiful 202o Whole-home concept makes a strong case for banquet seating.

The warm and inviting appeal of this nook carves out a picture-perfect place for guests to eat in their very own little apartment within the larger home. Most importantly, the elegant pink upholstery on the banquette works exceptionally well with the windows and accents on other places, like the chair cushions.

2. Dining room banquet seating ideas: Include the kitchen island

dining room banquet seating ideas


From the portfolio of the Dallas-based designer Jean Liu, this place presents a perfect balance between the formal elegance and the casual kitchen warmth.

With super sleek cabinets with subtle hardware complementing the pendants over the dining table perfectly, making things fall perfectly. Additionally, the caramel leather polished banquette cushion creates a stunning visual dynamic. The use of ample contrast with the gorgeous black dining chairs and accompanying grey island wins the spotlight for this design!

3. Dining room banquet seating ideas: Create functionality out of thin air!

dining room banquet seating ideas


Have a spot in your home that you feel is impossible to be used? Think again!

This efficient design from Corey Jenkins is an inspiration to all the design enthusiasts out there looking for getting more out of their design.

This simple nook is a great example of a small but impactful banquette seating that opens doors to a world of opportunities! From a cosy breakfast perch to a simple shoe-lacing spot, the options are endless.

4. Dining room banquet seating ideas: Enclosed in lush rustic

dining room banquet seating ideas


Very few dining room banquet seating ideas can match the appeal of this enclosed breakfast nook.

This Design from Kaemingk Design is all about functionality and aesthetics, making it appeal to the design tastes of minimalists and Scandinavian fans.  The warm wood rustic materials and enclosed ambience create an inviting and intimate spot that is full of versatility and flexibility.

5. Dining room banquet seating ideas: Don’t forget the pillows!

dining room banquet seating ideas


In this design, Erin Shakoor multiplied the functionality in this dining nook with a classic banquette.

A comfortable banquet is incomplete without pillows. Make sure you get this one thing right!

These five dining room banquet seating ideas can instantly help you ramp up the aesthetics of your place, regardless of the interior design styles!

Image courtesy: Housebeautiful

Featured: Jessie Preza