Indian interior design has a distinct appeal throughout the country. However, with varying traditions and regional differences, the art forms and design styles change immensely. While Rajasthani traditional interior design holds the gold for vibrance and royal shades, south Indian interior design, is known for its craftsmanship, creativity and a warm and dreamy ambience it provides.

So in case you need a design scheme that gives off an earthy, mystical and dreamy aesthetic appeal, look no further than the south Indian decor!

Here are five practical ways to incorporate a South Indian interior design to your home:

1. Rangoli for the traditional interior design

south indian interior design

© Mathanki Kodavasal / Wikimedia Commons

Today, the south Indian rangoli is ubiquitous and often marks the open spaces of some of the most luxurious mansions. With a meagre cost, Rangolis are within reach of most of the people and can be a glorious display of colour and culture.

These alluring rhythmic patterns have initially been a form of roadside art, created using grids and dots later joined by curved lines to create perfect symmetry. Therefore, the artform has an intrinsic deep meaning; it aligns the chaos of everyday life with the mystic cosmos.

Kolam Art forms in Rangolis are an essential south Indian decor.

2. Ornamental Doors

south indian interior design

Heavily ornamental doors are another essential highlight of the south Indian interior design. Carpenters from the region are venerated all over the world for their ability to carve out the perfect patterns and textures that give a subtle glimpse of the glorious ancient days.

South Indian craftsmanship is expensive and might not be accessible to most of the general public. However, the options are numerous, and you can quickly get your hands on a similar design scheme.

3. Terracotta and Athangudi Tiles for Flooring

south indian interior design

Earthy colours and textures hold a special place in the hearts of Indian people. This is quite evident in most of the Indian interior design schemes that follow this norm of preferring an earthy, neutral colour palette.

Terracotta and Athangudi tiles give a warm appeal to the interiors and therefore, over time have become the hallmark of south Indian interior design. These skillfully crafted tiles gain added polish and increase in aesthetics as they age. Used traditionally in the South Indian village homes, combined with elaborately carved pillars, doors and windows these tiles exemplify a supreme sense of craft and creativity.

4. The Brass Uruli

south indian interior design

With an added bliss of water, flowers and floating candles, the brass Uruli is a lovely decor accessory from the south Indian interior design. Traditionally, Uruli with a rangoli around it makes a perfect decor in the foyer as a centrepiece.

Natural elements like the Uruli in the foyer can be a perfect accessory to welcome your guests to your home!

5. South Indian interior design is incomplete without Lamps

south indian interior design

With carvings on brass and copper, these lighting lamps create the perfect spiritual atmosphere in the house. Many traditional families keep a brass lamp or an ornately carved brass hanging lamp at the verandah or entrance or sometimes as a glorious living room decor.


With the increased popularity of Indian concepts like yoga all over the world, Indian traditional interior design is finding its place in establishments across the globe. The Indian subcontinent holds a distinct spiritual aroma that the western world craves. The future of design belongs to those professionals who are well aware of the marvellous decor of Indian interior design. The transition from modern to traditional interior design is subtle and is now an established scheme that goes by the name of Transitional interior design.

Therefore, by revisiting their heritage, Indian interior designers can distinguish themselves from the crowd, creating stunning design schemes that speak the language of the clients.