Grey bathrooms are one of the most unique elements in modern design and decorating. With interior design trends like exposed concrete introducing a brand new appreciation for lush grey interiors, this shade is only starting to express itself!

In the bathroom interior design, a serene ambience is needed. This is a private space that sets the mood right for the rest of your day. Therefore, modern design enthusiasts have been experimenting with neutral tones for a while now. Presenting five grey bathrooms that are enough to get you started with a perfect design style for your bathroom!

1. The sweet matrimony of grey bathrooms with blue

grey bathrooms

Stephen Kent Johnson

Adding a splash of midnight blue along with your grey bathroom ideas can help you capitalize on your style. The deep blue accents present a lovely balance for the predominant brightness.

Start with refinishing your tub in a midnight blue accent, and you get to create a perfect visual focal centre in your bathroom interior design.

2. Add mirrors and geometry to your bathroom interior design

grey bathrooms

Cody Ulrich

Mirrors have an exceptionally well reputation for amplifying space and multiplying the aesthetics. With immense versatility in the market, mirrors are the perfect option to instantly ramp up the value of your design.

Grey bathrooms, when paired with geometric patterns, create impressive visual aesthetics. This style doesn’t go away with time, and simple elements like mirrors present a super practical design!

3. Grey bathrooms for a warm ambience

grey bathrooms

Jean-François Jaussaud

For this library inspired bathroom, Christian Astuguevieille used warm grey accents. All the elements adorned in grey hues complement the vintage books from the windows and the doors to the beautiful tub at the centre.

The beautiful collection of art brings everything together with the lush grey appeal of this bathroom interior design.

4. Pair metallic accents with grey bathrooms

grey bathrooms

William Waldron

For creating a luxurious bathroom interior design, the grey shades work exceptionally well with gold accents. As seen in this bathroom interior design, the gold chandelier adds an interesting visual effect to the aesthetic appeal.

The byzantine inspired bathroom presents a vintage Parisian vibe that is impossible to be missed. The sophisticated ambience stands out from the rest as being a classy expression of lush luxury!

5. Focal flooring style for grey bathrooms

grey bathrooms

Richard Powers

You can experiment with creating the flooring of your bathroom interior design as the main focal attraction. This subtle change can help you carve out the perfect minimalist setting without overwhelming your design’s visual appeal.

This modern D.C. home from Daryl Carter features a bathroom interior design with striped stone tiles. It is impossible not to fall in love with the understated aesthetics of this beautiful setting!

The bathroom interior design is super versatile. The options are endless. So get your hands dirty and stop procrastinating! These grey bathroom ideas can help you get started with your bathroom renovations in 2021.

Picture courtesy: Elledecor