Whether you are loyal to the eternal popularity of neutral tones, or you dare to go beyond the norm, the colour palette of your space has a lot to offer. This post presents six ideas for kitchen paint colours that will revolutionize your design prospects!

Adding an inspiring splash of poppy colours can be the best thing for your kitchen interior design. There are a lot of kitchen paint colours to choose from. This year, let your creativity run wild, follow your heart and get to work!

1. Pale green kitchen interior design for soothing mornings!

ideas for kitchen paint colours


This therapeutic tone blends into space in its entirety. The design from Justina Blakeney speaks volumes on disproving the hypothesis claiming neutral tones to be boring!

Adding to the elegant green’s calming effect, the Moroccan clay tile backsplash and the ombre dining bar stools from the living room present a lively, functional ambience.

2. Lavender kitchen paint colours for a glamorous effect!

ideas for kitchen paint colours

This kitchen interior design presents a timeless, glamorous appeal without overwhelming the visual field. The lavender colours blend into the buttercream backdrop complementing the elaborate blue chandelier. Moreover, adding to the kitchen colour palette’s glamorous appeal, the cabinets and island ground the space with neutral tones.

3. Ideas for kitchen paint colours: Lush Dark

ideas for kitchen paint colours


From the brushstrokes of Heidi Caillier, this kitchen interior design presents a free expression of the dark. The counters and the backsplash break the monotony of darkness by offering warm, pastel shades that culminate in an intimate atmosphere!

The dark navy of this kitchen creates an interesting visual effect. As the day progresses, the shade goes from blue to almost black.

4. Ideas for kitchen paint colours: Poppy Crimson

ideas for kitchen paint colours


To this day, some people refrain from using bright shades in spaces like the kitchen as they think it might affect their functionality. There’s nothing wrong with going for neutral hues.

However, if you want your kitchen interior design to stand out, you can get a lot out of bold and bright colours. This kitchen from Michelle Nussbaumer presents a frank expression of red over a texture-rich backdrop of warm.

5. Coral pink kitchen paint colour

ideas for kitchen paint colours


Care to head out for a lifelong vacation?

Waking up and heading to this sweet spot for a mandatory cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start the day. This coral pink kitchen interior design presents a timeless vacation appeal that is impossible to miss!

Additionally, this upbeat space creates an interesting mix of colours and materials with rattan and bamboo elements.

These ideas for kitchen paint colours can instantly ramp up the aesthetic value of your design. From the warm and inviting pale green to the intense dark navy, your options are endless!

Featured: Regan Baker Design

Picture Courtesy: Housebeautiful