The material palette in 2021 is vast. With new additions happening every once in a while, we realise there are no ends to human creativity. The marble interior design is one surprisingly underrated scheme that has once again started to gather attention. Earlier an element specific to the lavish Victorian homes, marble in interior design comes with a plethora of utility in modern design and decorating.

Exploring the marble interior design trends and expressing our fascination with these glorious elements, we bring you five unique marble interior design ideas!

1. Accent with marble interior design

marble interior design

Dark shades of marble can work exceptionally well in settings like the ones shown in the image. Adorning the minimalist interior design, dark marble in interior design comes with a plethora of opportunities.

In case you’re looking for a renovation, go for a piece that doesn’t look odd in your home but adds a boosting punch to your interiors’ aesthetic appeal.

2. Lush dining areas with marble tabletop

marble interior design

It is impossible to not swoon over this lush design. The glorious white appeal communicates well with the gold-toned accents in the room.

Marble tabletops, albeit a familiar presence in the modern household, is rarely exploited to its full potential. When you pull this look off, pay attention to the colour palette, accents and materials carefully. Acing the marble interior design is simple, you got it!

3. Fairytale glam: Marble study nooks

marble interior design

The marble’s splendid appeal in interior design makes it the best-suited material for study nooks and workplaces. The marble interior design‘s chic appeal makes it one of the most preferred for both professional and casual ambiences. Watch how exceptionally pleasant this design looks.

4. Marble backsplash in kitchen interior design

marble interior design

Marble backsplashes in the kitchen are one of the most popular marble interior design trends in 2021. The options are numerous, and the pricing is super affordable. Pay attention to the plethora of light hues present in the market, find the one best suited for your place and stop worrying over poorly planned aesthetics!

5. Marble baths

marble interior design

Another very commonplace in the modern household where marble interior design is featured in the bathroom. With bright, easy to clean surfaces, the bath comes to life!

Marble interior design in bathrooms offer extended functionality and significantly ramp up the aesthetics of your space.

Marble interior design trends are the perfect choice for the modern household. The luxe appeal of the material makes it one of the most preferred in the current design scenario. Creating glorious Scandinavian interiors without splurging a fortune on decorating has never been this simple!

Images: Courtesy of Livspace