Metals are famous for the luxurious quality they add to an interior design. The metallic interior design is celebrated all across the global design community for a classic traditional glam it presents. Without overwhelming the space, the metallic decor ideas open doors to a new world of opportunity for the designer!

From the most traditional celebrity interiors clad in gold to the lush, luxurious farmhouses draped in silver, metals are everywhere. In case you’re looking for a quick facelift for your home, we present five metallic decor ideas to ace the style!

1. Metallic interior design: Pendants

metallic interior design

Metallic pendants in spaces like the dining area are among the most widely used elements in the current design and decorating. The options are endless, from the most minimalistic pendant lamps to the most expressive pendant chandeliers.

The shiny metal surfaces create an interesting visual dynamic at the centre of the space. This quality alone makes a strong case for these simple additions.

2. Furnish in metallic decor

metallic interior design

Creating function out of form is one of the most tedious tasks handled by professional designers. Only the best in the business can develop metallic decor ideas that will work for a particular space.

Furnishing in metallic accents adds a distinct charm in your home without overwhelming the visual field. You don’t need a fancy budget for starting with this stylish furniture. There is a whole spectrum of metallic furnishing out there for people with all sorts of needs.

3. Add metallic decor

metallic interior design

The metallic interior design helps you create stunning designs from the simplest ambiences. The metallic decor elements like vintage mirrors, candle stands and vases are excellent options to create a compelling set of interiors.

Metals like steel, silver and chrome present an extravagant appeal that is, unfortunately, lacking in even the costliest interior designs. The blues and greens in your colour palette can work well with cool metals like chrome and silver. On the other hand, the reddish copper, gold and bronze hues pair exceptionally well with neutral, earthy tones.

4. Copper Kitchenware

metallic interior design

This seemingly obvious tip carries immense functionality in itself. Places like Punjab and Rajasthan mostly use copper utensils. Therefore, bringing these glorious elements in your kitchen interior design is bound to attract a lot of natural, homely bliss!

Once the utensils are in, there’s another kitchen element where you can use metallic decor ideas. The backsplash in your kitchen interior design has to be one of the most visible parts. This simple element sets the mood for everything you are looking for!

Metallic backsplashes, hooks, hangers, cups and other simple additions in your kitchen interior design are bound to attract attention.

5. Metallic soft furnishing for uniquely beautiful spaces!

metallic interior design

The plush golden or copper red accents can instantly ramp up the appeal of your soft furnishing in spaces like the living room. Pair these sophisticated luxury pieces with neutral whites for striking just the perfect balance between contemporary and lush aesthetics!

The metallic interior design and decorating are exciting topics. The options are numerous. But before getting on board with this style, make sure you know your colour palette and area. Smaller areas when decorated “liberally” with multiple metallic accents can appear disturbing. Keep the thirst for breathtaking aesthetics alive, experiment, and you’ll do fine!

Picture courtesy: Livspace