Minimalist kitchen ideas appear to be a red herring for most of the people looking for efficient design. The kitchen being an essential workspace of the house, demands a lot of attention to details. Therefore, for a space that requires so much functionality, is it possible to get more value from less? Here are five beautiful minimalist kitchen ideas to ace the kitchen design for home!

1. Monochrome love

minimalist kitchen ideas


Remove the nonessential appliances taking unnecessary space over the kitchen counter and get started with a monochrome palette. Instead of quickly shifting visual disturbances from one shade to the other, go for more materials and texture.

The New York-based interior designer Joy Moyler expresses his love for minimalism with this eloquent design.

2. Mix and Match

minimalist kitchen ideas


Your place’s kitchen interior design can bring out the best of your home—Nina Magon from Contour Interior Design advocates for matching the countertops with the kitchen backsplash.

Make sure you add the backsplash and the counters in the same materials. It helps you maintain the visual consistency if the design. Overall, the idea is to express the fact that minimalist kitchen ideas need not be boring. This design is all the proof you need!

3. Create a Statement

minimalist kitchen ideas


For your minimalist kitchen, you mustn’t let the walls handle everything. It is important to bring personality and taste in your design. Therefore, if you are going for the minimalist interiors, don’t forget to add a hint of statement over the stark naked walls.

Add your favourite decorative elements. A minimalistic artwork, a few indoor plants can be the perfect way to start!

4. Go bold with the flooring

minimalist kitchen ideas


Bold colours carry immense importance in the kitchen interior design. Just like other spaces, the functionality is of utmost importance. Bold colours not only present a sweet touch of personality and taste, but they also help you break the monotony of neutral tones!

If you are looking to adorn your kitchen in minimalist style, don’t forget the flooring. Even if you’re draping everything with the neutral tones, make sure you go bold with the flooring!

The bold colours in flooring present immense opportunity for stunning aesthetics.

5. Add Storage ideas for kitchen

minimalist kitchen ideas

Jean-François Jaussaud

Along with a classy bright pop of colour for flooring, this kitchen sets the mood right with a lush white colour palette.

The 19th-century kitchen cupboard and Tuscan tables and the handmade cement tile from Florence come together to meet the designer’s demands.

The kitchen interior design carries immense importance in the eyes of the designer. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect 2021 renovation, go for these minimalist kitchen ideas and let your creativity steal the show!

Picture Courtesy: Elledecor