When we are discussing the interior design trends in 2020, the industrial-inspired exposed concrete walls are an essential element. The greyish elegance of exposed raw concrete is full of interior design inspiration for professionals and amateurs.

The sheer versatility of grey concrete walls makes it a valuable addition to the design scheme. Go for gorgeous textures, high gloss or introduce a splash of colour in the grey backdrop! The options are endless. As you will notice, the exposed concrete walls have the potential to ramp up the aesthetics of almost every space in the modern household!

This post discusses five beautiful projects filled with interior design ideas for exposed concrete walls.

1. Monochrome minimalism from Sergey Baskakov

exposed concrete walls

In the world going crazy over vibrant splashes and exciting colours, Sergey Baskakov created this elegant black and minimalist white space.

The walls, ceiling, beam and pillars feature uniform mid-tone exposed concrete walls. Whereas, the glossy concrete floors complement the understated magnificence of the grey walls. The stark shiny kitchen unit acts as the focal point of the space.

2. Adding Colour to Exposed Concrete Walls

exposed concrete walls

One look at this space and you can tell the designer Vladimir Nikiforov knows his stuff.

The artsy, inviting interior design trends go surprisingly well with the subtle appeal of grey concrete. The decor and furnishing infuse life and emotion in the interiors, rendering an alluring appeal.

The eclectic rug, along with city-themed prints and mismatched cushions soften the stark greyish backdrop.

It doesn’t end there. This beautiful play of mixed colours and monochrome style is the highlight of this design. Check out the elegant, large black and white clock over the free-standing fireplace. The greyish pouffes further add to the warmth of the place.

exposed concrete walls

3. Scored Concrete Walls with Painted Bricks

Pairing the grey elegance of concrete with a lighter presence of painted bricks is one of the best interior design ideas for professionals. Both the design elements create an unparalleled warmth that doesn’t interfere with the chic decor in the room.

exposed concrete walls

Visualizer: Ruslana Petrovskaya

The use of eclectic furniture produces a beautiful contrast with an artsy vibe.

The ultra-high ceiling in this project allows ample opportunity for the visitors to notice depth and dimension in the room. Additionally, the high top enables a separation between eclectic elements and industrial-inspired exposed pipes at the ceiling.

4. Exploring Light and Dark Exposed Concrete Walls

exposed concrete walls

Visualizer: KeremmucuR

The use of light and dark grey concrete walls in this interior design scheme exemplifies the versatility of this material.

The tall ceilings go well with the darker shades and allow the space to breathe. The concrete backdrop is artistically used with an elegant floor-to-ceiling wall painting.

Additionally, the flooring in this project is in the form of square tiles, with a stone-like finish matching the material palette of the interiors.

5. Adding Contemporary to Industrial

exposed concrete walls

Designed by Tanya Dorokhina, this stunning project features the use of different shades of exposed concrete walls and pairs them up with contemporary decor. The traditional rafters at the ceiling produce an interesting visual dynamic that is too hard to miss!

With a stylish, intricate texture of concrete and exposed bricks, the bedroom is a space filled with warmth and peace while the elegant painting over the headboard work to fill up the gap between the floor and ceiling.

exposed concrete walls

Additionally, on one side of the room, the comfortable armchair, smooth lightened bookshelves and a lovely window view create a perfect reading nook.

These interior design ideas are easily replicable, budget-friendly and full of flexibility. The exposed concrete walls carry a particular preference in the current design scenario. These five projects are enough interior design inspiration for professionals in crafting a perfect ambience according to style, taste and functionality!