Our adoration for perfect design led us to this vital space in modern households. Regardless of the interior design styles, study nooks are an essential element of the home. In this post, we present seven beautiful study nook ideas to streamline comprehension and celebrate aesthetics!

In the post-pandemic world, home offices are new additions to the interior design scenario. However, study nook design ideas are making appearances in design and decorating since way before. It is an obvious and essential space in the kids room, bedroom or right around the living room.

In case you are looking for inspiration, we got you covered. Check out these five compelling study nook design ideas for how to do it right!

1. Small study nook ideas: accessorise with cosy stools

study nook ideas

Design: Pipkorn & Kilpatrick | Styling: Joseph Gardner | Photography: Prue Ruscoe

While stools aren’t the best option for spaces involving long periods of sitting, they are one gem of a space saver in other areas. An intimate study nook with wooden stools can give rise to functionality out of thin air.

You don’t have to splurge on sophisticated furnishing to pull off an excellent study nook design. This glorious setting from PIpkorn & Kilpatrick is all the proof you need.

2. Study nook ideas: Add colour

study nook ideas

Design: Doherty Design Studio | Photography: Armelle HAbib

Places like study nooks, home offices and virtually all kinds of workplaces have to grade in happy colours. While the definition of “happy colours” is vague, it is essential to go with conventionally cheerful shades.

Colours have a significant effect on the human psyche. Controlling your thoughts and working them in your favour using happier colours can help you ace small nook design. Pops of yellow can create an enticing atmosphere in your home and help you fight off that after-meal productivity slump!

3. Pair the study nook with grey and brown

study nook ideas

Design: Rob Kennon | Photography: Brooke Holm

The lush affair of grey exposed concrete and wooden elements highlight the most successful interior designs. Add some shelves and furnishing in your favourite textures of wood and watch what happens!

4. Study nook ideas: Change the space

study nook ideas

Design: Rob Kennon | Photography: Brooke Holm

It can be immensely distracting to work in the middle of a family function. Living rooms and other house spaces can be crowded with people when you have guests over and getting some work done almost seems impossible.

However, once you shift your study nook to the bedroom, you can get past the commotion and have a fantastic time testing your grey cells. Bedrooms with small study nooks are frequently seen in some of the most successful designs today.

5. Colour code and contrast

study nook ideas

Design: MA Architects for Neometro | Styling: Nina Provan | Photography: Shannon McGrath

Nothing creates a charming presence more valuable than appropriate contrast. Colour code with textures, shades and materials, and you got an elegant working environment to grasp a concept!

Contrast creates excitement and infuses life in the design.

Whether it is for your kids’ room or your own Sunday morning readings, small study nooks are efficient for all purposes. These exciting study nook ideas are all you need to get started with this element!

Featured: Design: Merrylees Architecture and D+D Home | Styling: Deanne Jolly | Photography: ARmelle HAbib