In the world of digital marketing, getting noticed can be difficult. There is so much content on the internet and its only natural to feel lost in the present scenario. Making it big and getting noticed can be difficult if done without a marketing strategy in place. However, once you set your priorities right and truly understand the potential of marketing for architects, you’ll boost your professional prospects significantly!

Marketing for Architects is Hard Work

With that being said, it’s not something beyond your reach. With just the right strategy in place, you can build a strong professional presence and get considerably more clients:

1. Lead Generation Services: Get Noticed

Lead generation services are increasingly becoming popular within the architecture community. As an architect, you can hire a lead generation service company, which runs online ads to attract potential clients for you in your local area. 

This is how it works. Just a random Google search for “Visalia Architect” brings you the following results:

google search for architectural designers in visalia (example of Architecture Firm Marketing)

Additionally, if you click on these ads, you’d be taken to a page with a simple survey, like this:

architects and building designers survey (example of Architecture Firm Marketing)


If you have signed up for the service and you’re based on the nearby location, you’ll be receiving the contact info of potential clients (“leads”). 

Companies like,, and provide easy lead generation services.

However, there is a caveat to this. 

Most of the leads you’ll be receiving will be small residential projects. Even with these leads, a lot of them might come out to be unqualified. This strategy definitely isn’t for everyone. You need to keep in mind a solid backup plan and expect 9 out of ten leads you receive to be of low quality. 

2. Public Speaking: Build Networks

In order to create an influential presence in your profession, public speaking can be an excellent medium. 

From podcasts and seminars to youtube videos, putting yourself out there will do wonders to your networking and will sooner or later get you noticed by potential clients. When people see you talking about the subject that you care about, they’ll start seeing you as a figure of authority and will come to you for their architectural and design needs!

In order to make your presence felt in the community, you can target the residential clients,  and host a ‘remodel ideas’ workshop or speak at local networking groups like Rotary or Lions.

Webinars are another very useful tools for giving wings to your words.

However, speaking in public can seem to be daunting for the ones still learning the skill, and sometimes require travel costs. But that being said, public speaking is a very efficient tool for marketing for architects. You can visit the profiles of the people who have made it big and try their strategies to grow your firm. 

3. Get Published: Build Authority

Getting your name out in newspapers and articles all around the web is a great way to grab attention. When people get to know you from authentic newspapers and blog posts, they’ll turn to you for their design needs. 

New Zealand architect Mona Quinn produced a lot of good quality leads when she was featured in the local articles. 

Building relationships with editors and journalists will get your name out in the open pretty soon. This will attract more and more leads to you. 


Kennett Square, Pennsylvania architect Ed Rahme, started building relationships with photographers when he first heard about this strategy and got published immediately.

Here’s his result:

Architect Ed Rahme published (example of Architecture Firm Marketing)


You can start by writing an article around your area of expertise. Blogs and journals are always on the lookout for people willing to write quality content. 

Learning effective writing strategies should be your top priority to materialise this strategy. Making your content stand out isn’t easy, but with enough practice and skill, nothing is impossible. 

Getting your firm noticed will be a cakewalk once your name starts to appear in journals and blogs. This means more leads and more clients!

4. Reach Out To People Who Didn’t Move Ahead in the Past

Reaching out to the leads that you couldn’t convert is another important piece of the puzzle. 

One of the best ways to organising and storing client information is a Client Relationship Management tool like ArchReach, the CRM for Architects.

Reach out to them with concise crystal-clear emails asking them if they need you for anything. 

You’ll be surprised with the number of clients replying to your mail right when you thought you lost them!

However, if you’re a new firm, this might not work for you. 

5. Reach Out To Your Network

One of the easiest ways to get more projects is to directly contact the huge network of people you’ve built so far. You can simply call or visit your network contacts in person and ask them if they know anyone that is considering a project.

This is a very cost-effective way to get clients and further solidifying your relationships with your contacts.

However, to use this strategy you should be having a big enough network and a portfolio to showcase your past projects. 


In the end, it’s important to remember that truly wanting to help is the best marketing strategy. Marketing for architects is tricky business. A profession like architecture thrives on healthy relationships. Keeping a clean conscience, if you work on the above-mentioned strategies, you are sure to grow big in your field!