Now that you are done with a gorgeous colour palette at home, it is time to take it up a notch! For creating an accent wall in one of the most essential spaces in your home, we recommend you consider these five beautiful wallpaper ideas for a bedroom.

Wallpapers are a perfect way to show personality and a stunning artistic taste. Easy to implement and available in a wide range of designs, wallpapers are the perfect fit for modern design and decorating. From tropical floral designs to the lushest and luxurious wooden patterns, these simple elements come with many perks.

So grab a catalogue and let your creativity do the talking!

1. Soothing neutral wallpaper design ideas for bedroom

Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom


Neutral tones carry an attractive visual appeal that has led to a peaked interest in their popularity. Designers prefer neutral soothing tones to craft out serene surroundings that accentuate any artwork’s appeal in the design.

Notice how the grass cloth-covered walls charm this space in Mill Valley, California bedroom with a subtle appeal. The canvas gives significant attention to the bold art in the room, creating a perfect balance of style and comfort!

2. Spin a gorgeous tale of geometry and colour

Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom


The wallpaper ideas for a bedroom demand complete attention to details. From the colour palette to the decor draping your resting abode, everything has to fall in place correctly to get you the most out of your efforts!

As evident from the picture, the rewards are so worth the effort!

The lattice print creates an interesting visual dynamic for the open toile headboard from this coastal Palm Beach bedroom design. Pairing the backdrop and the essentials in a monochromatic play of blue makes a strong case for wallpaper designs!

3. Traditional wallpaper ideas for a bedroom

Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom


Suppose you need a bedroom interior design with a sweet appreciation for nostalgia. In that case, this design from Kristin Paton interiors tells you how to do it right.

The glorious curves in the design mark the traditional appeal of the bedroom. Adding to that the conventional styled wallpaper with colours matching the headboard brings out the most from this design.

4. Leave no stone unturned!

Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom


The ceiling is often neglected as being an unimportant element in a room. However, especially for the bedroom interior design, the ceiling takes a lot of the visual field. This is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, are you letting it go unnoticed?

The brains behind Hyde Evans Design incorporated a beautiful wallpaper to the ceiling of this home in Seattle!

5. Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom: Accent walls

Wallpaper ideas for a bedroom


We have said it before, we’ll say it again; wallpapers can be an efficient wallet-friendly way of creating a stunning accent wall in bedroom design.

An accent wall creates intrigue and helps you break the monotony of the bedroom interior design’s typical neutral tones.

When it comes to designing picture-perfect, Instagram-esque bedrooms, wallpapers have immense utility. These wallpaper design ideas for bedroom are all the inspiration you need to ace the bedroom interior design!

Picture courtesy: Elledecor