Bathroom interior design is essential in creating a relaxing ambience. Bathrooms are private spaces that host you the moment you start your day. In this article, we are bringing six stunning bathroom interior design styles that can inspire you for your next project!

The bathroom is the place where you unwind. Therefore, the design scheme of this space should be with materials, colours, textures and ornaments that incite the happy feeling inside of you. Whether your interiors focus on modern and contemporary, or they bring in the rustic and industrial appeal, these design styles will help you pick the right bathroom for your next renovation!

1. Eclectic Bathroom design

Bathroom interior design
As with the Bohemian design, the eclectic design style can be a sweet conglomeration of lots of elements. Unusual colour choices, materials and textures mix in to create the perfect style suiting your taste!
For example, a fleur-de-lis pattern in unexpected shades of yellow or a crystal chandelier with gold plating accents is a common sight in this design scheme.

2. Asian Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design
The Asian-style bathrooms host minimum accessories and prioritize open space, ventilation and natural lighting way above everything else.
The use of fresh green indoor plants optimizes the bathroom space and provides a much-needed break from the monotony of natural tones and shades.
With an array of soft light browns, beiges, and cream colours, marble, or tiles complimented with polished wood flooring and accents, the Asian bathroom design style is a pandora’s box full of warmth and comfort!

3. Craftsman-Style Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design
Think of a design style that brings a variety of artisanal and handcrafted furnishings with intricate detailing, accents and textures.
The craftsman-style bathroom focuses on quality and durability. The design elements of this style tend to be of elite quality and can include a plethora of materials like granite, wood, glass and metal.

4. Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design
The increasing popularity of farmhouse style is evident from the social media ads featuring weekend getaways. In the present scenario, the farmhouse style interior design is a luxury very few can afford.
These bathrooms feature a warm mix of rustic, country and modern details. Few unique features include the sliding barn doors on tracks, high ceilings with open beams, polished woodwork, and plenty of white, glass and contrasting accents!

5. Industrial Bathroom Design

Bathroom interior design
The industrial style is all about minimalism, bold hues, high contrast pairs and a comforting ambience reeking of simplicity and vogue.
The use of mixed woods, white accents and marble countertops are very much essential to the industrial style. As seen in the picture, the crisp white subway tiling contrasts with the dark brown wood. Additionally, the warm brown on the floor also creates a soothing contrast from the white.

6. Mediterranean Bathroom design

Bathroom interior design
This design style is built for luxury. With immense dimensions and detailing, the Mediterranean style features woven rugs with rich colours on floors and walls. The usual contrasting pairs include a familiar touch of natural tiles with rich, dark wood and luxurious metal detailing.
The textures, lighting and a colour palette full of bold contrasting hues define the essence of the Mediterranean style. The overall look and emotion of the setting are unique with influences of Greek and European homes throughout the space!

Aside from the usual modern, contemporary and minimalist interior design styles, these styles can help you craft a personalised space. These design feature a unique mix of materials, colours and textures that are immensely popular and form the backbone of some of the most elegant interior design styles! You will be surprised to find out that most of these design styles lie in your budget.