If you think Indian interior design styles are only limited to the Madhubani paintings, Rajasthani jharokhas and Kashmiri carpets, you couldn’t be more wrong. Indian interior design is a highly versatile niche that has a world of its own.

Therefore, if you are itching to redo your home or do a makeover, we have some Indian home decor ideas for you that are very easy to implement and can help you create an exotic outlook in your interiors:


1. The Dhokra Art Decor from Bengal 

With so much historical significance, Bengal is an integral part of India’s cultural fabric. The ancient Dhokra art, named after the ‘Dhokra Damar’ region, is approximately 4,000 years old and involves lost wax casting. Displaying an old tribal tradition and converting it into the modern design scheme can bring an authentic Indian touch to your home. 

indian home decor ideas

Today, designers all across the world opt for dhokra lamps, wall-hanging pieces or tabletop decorative plates to mimic the Indian interior design styles.

2. Rajasthani Turbans as Table Baskets 

Who would have known that a piece of traditional Rajasthani apparel will find utility in so many spaces in the Indian interior design scheme? 

indian home decor ideas

© neelsky / shutterstock.com

Rajasthani folks are often seen wearing a colourful turban that never seems to go out of style. These turbans can be efficient key holders near your main door, or slightly bigger ones can be great wall-hangings holding your favourite indoor plants. 

Rajasthani decor brings the warmth and vibrance of India in the traditional interior design schemes. 


3. Captivating Henna Murals 

A famous Indian addition to the mainstream pop culture, everyone recognises Mehendi (henna) as temporary tattoos. 

indian home decor ideas

© Mohit Modi

Henna is an ancient art form that involves intense, beautiful paisley designs and floral work. Henna murals in the centre of a bare wall can be the essential elements you are looking for in the Indian interior design styles. 


4. Sankheda jhula (lacquered teak-wood swing)

A swing seat or jhula in India is often kept inside the house or on the front porch if it’s large enough. Coming from Gujarat, the sankheda swings are expertly carved out of teak wood, painted or inlaid in bright shades and textures and hang from the ceiling, pillars or arched beams. 

indian home decor ideas

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When used in an appropriate context, there’s nothing like a jhula to make your home look ethnic and exotic. A living room with a jhula is one of the most beautiful Indian interior design styles. 


5. Terracotta

Terracotta is an essential part of India’s cultural legacy. With an earthy appeal, the brick-red terracotta utensils steal the hearts of people looking for a cosy experience. 

indian home decor ideas

A whole industry of traditional potters is now flourishing because of people turning to terracotta in the modern scenario. Having a tabletop centre art piece or a wall-hanging can make a significant contribution to the interiors.


6. Kolam artworks from the South

Kolam is another traditionally Indian interior design from South India. An art form of ancient significance, Kollam is a decorative element created with rice flour or chalk!

indian home decor ideas

© Mathanki Kodavasal / Wikimedia Commons

Kolam artworks often occupy the porch of an establishment.  Initially, columns of dots are drawn, then they are connected by curved loops with well-trained hands. Kolam designs on coasters and floormats can do wonders to the exotic appeal of your house.

Indian interior design is tricky. Especially in the current scenario when minimalistic clutter-free interiors are on the rise, it is important to not overdo things. These are the top Indian home decor ideas that will help you in carving out comfortable, exotic and convenient homes!