Short storage in modern interior design and decoration is a problem faced by people all over the world. Your kitchen can never be too big for your needs. Therefore, while the net space remains the same, the exciting world of design can definitely help you to curb your storage hassle. This post presents six best kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens that don’t cost you much and help you get the most out of your design scheme.

Most of the apartments in urban housing have small spaces. The counter space is less, the utensils and other items in your kitchen can limit your functionality.

So how exactly do you get your hands on the coffee jar at seven in the morning without running into sixteen other items?! Here are some useful kitchen storage ideas to lessen your worries!

1. Look for other spaces

best kitchen storage ideas


Sounds simple, right?

As seen in Williams Sonoma’s San Francisco kitchen, a personal closet is designed to function as a walk-in pantry! The space is stocked with all the baking essentials. The shelves provide ample space for every product they sell.

This can be a perfect way to declutter and organize your kitchen. Just look around your home and see if there’s a closet or a laundry room that isn’t in use anymore.

2. Go complete

best kitchen storage ideas


This design from the interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer is full of useful kitchen storage ideas. Confining everything to one place in a manner that doesn’t hinder functionality is a skill that takes time to learn.

Notice how the water dispenser, coffee maker and the speed oven are all built into the design. Creating a less bulky and understated appearance is what we are aiming for when we are looking for best kitchen storage ideas.

3. Organize with transparent containers

best kitchen storage ideas


Williams Sonoma’s Francisco test kitchen is filled with the best kitchen storage ideas. Look how the transparent tops in these containers streamline the process of organizing and decluttering. A clean and tidy ambience opens doors to an efficient design scheme that never goes out of style!

4. Use wall hangers

This one comes as a no brainer. Hooks and hangers on the wall are one of the best kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens.

best kitchen storage ideas


Hanging the cutting boards, cooking tools, and coffee cups on the wall saves you an enormous amount of space on the counter.  These are frequently used items, so you don’t want them out of your sight. However, you also don’t want these to exhaust the functional space in your kitchen.

As seen in this work from Jenn Feldman Designs, all the cutting boards, spatulas, strainer, and other items can be organized in the wall.

5. Chip in a floating cubby in your kitchen interior design

Floating cubbies that blend into the wall instead of floating shelves are full of functionality. These are one of the most unique kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens.

best kitchen storage ideas


Dries Otten comes with this whimsical addition with the unique industrial style in the kitchen that is hard to miss. Notice how elegantly the stainless steel hood and exposed industrial-inspired piping contrast the navy walls.

6. Add shelves wherever you can

best kitchen storage ideas


You need to get the most out of your kitchen’s interior design. Add bar carts, stools, shelves wherever you can.

Moreover, the glass shelving below the ceiling-high cabinets can give you ample estate to store glassware. Add shelves to the backlash, and you can keep all your transparent “invisible” glasses and cups without overwhelming the visual appearance.

These six best kitchen storage ideas can significantly help you to organize, declutter and glorify your kitchen interior design. So roll up your sleeves, quit complaining and get to work! Good luck 🙂

Featured image: Courtesy of Kohler