The interior design trends in 2020 are all about noticing the minute opportunities for improvement in the primary spaces of the home. This post features six creative bathroom storage ideas that will help you make the most out of your area!

Bathrooms are typically tricky spaces. Most often, the bathroom is neglected by amateur designers. As a result, a problem of functionality is almost innate to the understated areas like bathrooms. However, once you get to work, you will realise that these storage hacks for small spaces are godsent. These bathroom storage hacks can help you get rid of the clutter in your bathroom without compromising on the aesthetics of the place.

Happy decluttering!

1. Add some baskets

creative bathroom storage ideas

Let’s start with the basics. Baskets are full of functionality and can add versatility in your bathroom interior design.

Easily movable and flexible, baskets are full of creative bathroom storage ideas. Place them on the floor, under the sink or pile them on top of one another and you will never see the clutter of toilet paper roll, bath towels and hair products on the floor!

2. Install Shelves for small spaces

creative bathroom storage ideas

Floating shelves make excellent storage hacks for small spaces. Without taking up a lot of space, these convenient additions can add immense functionality to your design. Use these for cotton swabs, toilet rolls, and other products.

3. Ladder

creative bathroom storage ideas

Wooden aesthetically pleasing ladders are full of creative bathroom storage ideas. You would never have to worry about drilling hooks in your walls.

With a beautiful rustic appeal, these elegant additions in your bathroom interior design can make all the difference!

4. Over the toilet storage

creative bathroom storage ideas

Most of the space in the bathroom often goes unnoticed. However, people with an eye for functional design can find the opportunity for improvement in numerous areas. The space over the toilet seat can work well for bathrooms with a space constraint.

Make full use of the space over the toilet with storage racks. Add some neatly folded towels, lotion bottles and anything that makes your bathroom look messy.

Over the toilet storage racks will instantly make your bathroom look organised and clutter-free!

5. Use the area below the sink

creative bathroom storage ideas

Similar to the area over the toilet, the space below the sink can be full of creative bathroom storage ideas. Add an elegant curtain below your floating sink to add some character in the space and voila! You’ve got yourself a perfect place to store nasty bottles of disinfectants and floor cleaners away from the visual field.

6. Barstools

creative bathroom storage ideas

Add complimentary bar stools to curb your storage issues. These wooden additions can instantly ramp up the appeal of your place along with providing a convenient location for keeping towels, and garments.

Place the barstools next to the sink, customise with your favourite colours and let your creativity flow throw your brush!

Bathrooms are ideal spaces to be creative. Being private spaces, the bathrooms contain a lot of potential for personalisation.

While nothing is written in stone, it is a general consensus that a good design is a clean design. These creative bathroom storage ideas will instantly curb the clutter in your space!