With the lockdown restrictions all across the globe, the average individual is spending more time indoors than ever. The pandemic has slowed down all of the hustle-bustle of our routine. This is the perfect timing for getting things done that you have been putting off for a while now. In this article, we are presenting six DIY home projects to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your interiors.

Whether it is the gallery wall you have been planning for a bit, or putting off some storage issues to declutter your house, the lockdown is the time to start checking things off your lists. Regardless of your interior design styles, these easy DIY projects at home will significantly increase the value of your interior design without costing you more than a busy afternoon!


1. Nourish the green elements

DIY home projects

Having beautiful indoor plants will do wonders to your interior design. The plants add warmth and emotion in modern interiors and are efficient decor items. Learn to propagate different plants in your interiors using basic gardening skills.


2. DIY Lamp Shades on a budget

DIY home projects


A luxurious lampshade multiplies the aesthetics of the place significantly. This stunning lampshade features super-affordable decorative paper and is the perfect choice for people looking for cheaper alternatives to those overpriced luxury lamps. This easy to learn tutorial from House Beautiful saves you a lot of money!


3. Beautify old appliances with DIY ideas

DIY home projects


This idea from Danielle Rollins helps you cover up the hideous visuals of old and worn out appliances like washing machines with contact paper or vinyl wallpapers of your taste. Try creating a lovely contrast with the backdrop of your kitchen’s interior design. This DIY project will maximise the aesthetics of your place without costing you more than a few hundred rupees!


4. DIY ideas for Restyling Bookshelves

DIY home projects


Bookshelves are vulnerable to a lot of clutter. From decor items and gifts from loved ones to the collection, you have never read till date, a wide variety of things find their way behind the cluttered bookshelf.

Now that you can use some time to get your space more inhabitable, it will be the perfect idea to restyle your shelf. Arrange items according to your needs, so you don’t have to climb over the frame to get the screwdriver!

Eddie Ross presents three styles to shuffle the appeal of your bookshelf.


5. Turn tin cans into pen holders

DIY home projects

Rita Shehan

Cliched? Maybe. However, the timeless functionality of this hack makes it one of the most popular DIY home projects among decorators all over the world. From pen stands and toothbrush holders to makeup kits, these cans can be customised according to the colour palette and interior design styles of your place.

Add a few of these in your home office to get that forest of stationary out of your way!


6. Think Before throwing away old drawers

DIY home projects

Courtesy: The Painted Home

Let not your quest of creating uncluttered and clean interiors blind you to the plethora of opportunities old furniture present!

Repurpose the old drawers from discarded cabinets and use them separately to create functionality in other rooms of your home. These drawers can be the perfect fit in the kids’ room to clean up the clutter of toys, blankets, footwear or seasonal clothes.

With everything available on the internet, the options are endless. Apply these DIY home projects in your interiors and give your home a stunning look for the post lockdown get-togethers!