As far as unconventional schemes go, exposed concrete walls are stealing the show. From top-rated celebrity homes to the chicest rustic farmhouses, the sheer diversity of exposed concrete design is unmissable.

Whether you are going for formal spaces like home office design and workplace or just a backdrop for an enticing dining area, concrete walls are the way to go! The charm of exposed grey walls is the perfect element for modern homes.

Continuing our series on design and decoration materials, here are six beautiful exposed concrete design ideas to add some lush grey appeal to your home.

1. Pair the exposed concrete grey with green

exposed concrete design

Visualizer: Hatice Unsal

The exposed concrete texture is not rare in the modern household. From kitchen backsplashes to elegant flooring, numerous spaces present the aesthetic of concrete.

However, we urge you not to stop at the grey. Accessorise with green indoor plants, vertical gardens, or saplings and you’re set for the perfect ambience!

2. Celebrate the lush appeal of wood

exposed concrete design

Designer: One Work

The exposed concrete design, paired with appropriate hues of wood is the perfect recipe for contemporary excellence. The clean surfaces and sharp edges create a massive difference in this living room interior design.

3. Curate bright pops over exposed concrete texture

exposed concrete design

Via: Projem

As elegant as this grey backdrop appears, the orange pops multiply the charm of this design. Some of the most popular interior design projects nowadays are featuring exposed concrete design.

A balanced interplay of contrast, texture and hue are of the utmost importance when it comes to design and decorating. Look out for opportunities to add vivid colours in your exposed concrete and bring some art in your home!

4. Artsy carvings in exposed concrete design

exposed concrete design

Visualizer: AB Architects

The possibilities are endless. For presenting a softer, intimate outlook, we recommend going for some artsy carvings in your exposed concrete. The walls paired with the dark and white shades in the space create an interesting visual dynamic!

5. Exposed concrete design: Minimalists’ favourite

exposed concrete design

Visualizer: Janire Delgado

IT comes off as no surprise that some of the most successful minimalistic interior design trends out there feature extensive use of exposed concrete texture.

With a modern appeal, lush grey interiors are the perfect go-to option for modern professionals and amateurs with an infatuation for minimalism. Not only does this element bring more to the table, but it also costs significantly less when done right.

6. Goes with the lighting

exposed concrete design

Visualizer: Xdream3D

As seen in this living room interior design, the vast windows feature ample sunlight during the daytime. At the same time, the recessed lighting on the ceiling steals the show at night!

Creating a charming design with essential unconventional elements is the need of the hour for modern design enthusiasts. The challenges are few, and the opportunities are endless. Turn your creativity into reality and create an enticing exposed concrete design for the project of your dreams!

Featured: Visualizer: Olena Berezko