The farmhouse dining tables highlight the dining area for everyone that has fallen head over heels for this style. From typical farmhouse decor style to the most contemporary luxurious designs, the rustic interior design talks volumes about nature’s human craving. This post presents six farmhouse-style rustic dining tables to spark your creativity! Read on to see how it’s done!

1. Farmhouse dining tables: Glorious fade

farmhouse dining tables

The bold turned legs in this dining table are elegantly whitewashed and deeply distressed for a classic antique look. This elegant farmhouse dining table presents a wide-planked top in the light finish giving rise to easy coordination. Being 72″ in length and allowing the seating up to eight, this can be the perfect choice if you are crushing over the nostalgic antique décor!

2. Farmhouse dining tables: Pairing antique with luxury

farmhouse dining tables

The stunning white finish gives this farmhouse dining table a fresh and uplifting look that sets it apart from the rest. The glossy appeal of this dining table makes it perfect for brightening up your dining room. Adorned with a contrasting dark walnut wood top this accessible piece is 60″ long and can seat six guests.

3. Farmhouse dining tables for breakfast nooks

farmhouse dining tables

Your breakfast nook needs a small round dining table that complements your design taste.

This elegant farmhouse table maintains a conservative footprint even with a span of just 36 inches. The antique-inspired distressed whitewashed base and rustic wood top give birth to a bright and breezy look ideal for light-filled spaces.

4. Traditional Farmhouse dining tables

farmhouse dining tables

The intricate traditional features give this elegant farmhouse table a distinct fairytale look. Additionally, the weathered surface smartly makes for an heirloom appeal.

Adorning the traditional detailing and lush rustic appeal is the drop-leaf tabletop provides immense functionality between uses.

5. Farmhouse dining tables for dark accents

farmhouse dining tables

The plank tabletop and sturdy legs create a strong rustic appeal drenched in a smooth contemporary finish. This round, solid wood farmhouse dining table is built for overstepping time. It can comfortably seat four people with a  convenient 48 inches wide span, making it ideal for small get-togethers with friends and family!

6. Farmhouse dining tables with a modern outlook

farmhouse dining tables

Capitalising over the farmhouse aesthetics, this dining table from Rudi Merz and Kari Virtanen showcases a sweet conglomeration of Nordic and rustic design. This dining table is crafted from solid oak with invaluable craftsmanship that can leave your guests swooning!

The rustic interior design is inspired solely by nature. With immense versatility, durability and flexibility, the rustic dining tables create a warm, inviting ambience that allows a memorable gathering!

Go for lush traditional or sheer minimalistic luxury, find your taste and get your dining area a fantastic facelift!

Image Courtesy: Home-designing