Creating a functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasing hallway wall design doesn’t take much effort. With a little ingenuity and personality, your hallway wall design can set just the right mood for your home’s design scheme. There are plenty of interior design styles people tend to experiment with; However, hallway or the corridor is the one space that is often left out of the scheme. Here are six best hallway wall design ideas to make the most out of your hallways!

1. Clutter-free Hallway Design

hallway wall design ideas

Nothing puts off the aesthetic appeal of the space more than a messy entryway to your living room. Make sure you end up utilizing every bit of the space for classy decor! 

Starting with clearing nonessential things out of the way and adopting styles that provide functionality can be an effective way to declutter. You might not have space for a bulky credenza or lavish cabinets, but you can certainly go for artworks that suit your taste! 

2. Bold Styles To set the mood

hallway wall design ideas

Instil life in the most mundane spaces by using upbeat patterns and textures, for example, start with striped walls! 

Black and white styles have a classic appeal and can create stunning results for your hallway design regardless of the space you have. Not a fan of black and white? Grab some bold splashes and incorporate them into the hallway wall design. In case you are not sure whether it’s worth a try, you can go for removable wallpaper and try out first! The opportunities are endless for the people who have the vision.

3. Gallery Hallway Wall Design 

hallway wall design ideas

Image by: Style at Home By: Lauren McPhillips Source: Tracey Ayton

For people who have a knack for good artworks, the hallway design makes the guests forget their path! 

A decent piece of art that goes with your tastes and your home’s interior design styles is an excellent element that can brighten the aesthetics of your hallway. Adding family portraits, photos, and virtually any piece of art can personalize the space for you. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the frames and boundaries. While creating a gallery wall, the pictures need to be in sync with each other, therefore using similar coordinating frames is preferred in the most successful design schemes. 

4. Add Mirrors in Your Hallways

hallway wall design ideas

Sean Litchfield via Homepolish

Mirrors are immensely useful in creating an expansive view. Whether it is a small kitchen/dining area or your apartment’s hallway, mirrors can multiply your space conveniently. For example, this entryway in the bachelor pad designed by Nicole Watts is a great practical application of mirrors. 

5. Area Rug To create warmth

hallway wall design ideas

Nothing worse than your long narrow entryway to the living room mimicking a cold hospital corridor! Add the comforting warmth with an area rug for your hallway design and say goodbye to mundane, monotonous and cold interiors. A cashmere carpet, whether on the wall or the floor, can bring the traditional aura in your design. 

Additionally, add a few splashes of earthy tones and hues, choose appropriate art decor, finish with stunning pendant lights and watch the transformation happen before your eyes!

6.Add a Touch of Modernity

hallway wall design ideas

The rise of modern interior design is not only because of the social media trends. The complementary neutral shades, sleek flooring and geometric patterns are pretty much the torchbearers of advancing improving design acumen. The curated accent pieces create a contemporary flow that is the highlight of most successful interior design styles. 

Additionally, adding a few storage furnishings, for example, the storage bench can do wonders to the functionality and keep the space clutter-free.  

These hallway design ideas can help you add an element of cohesion, functionality and convenience while multiplying the aesthetics of your space multiple times.