Do you think you lack an eye for elegant design? Look no further. These six interior design secrets revealed by the best in business will help you get the most out of your money!

Design and decorating is not a cakewalk. It takes time to get familiar with the inherent working of materials, textures and colours. There is a reason why only a minority of people make it big in this field. The skill to craft elegant and functional interiors is rare and has to be learnt one step at a time. Now that you have resolved to get yourself a stunning ambience, you can set out for a beautiful adventure! Here are the top six interior design secrets to bring you an upper edge over the competition.

1. Interior design secrets: Head over to creativity

interior design secrets


It is essential to make the best out of what you own. Without spending a fortune on carpets, this design presents a painted runner by Annie Sloan that gives an impression of a luxurious rug!

The staircase has to be an intriguing element that offers what lies ahead for the visitor. The stairway interior design styles are precious because of the hype they have earned over social media!

2. Interior design secrets: Murals to liven up space

interior design secrets


Murals, wallpapers and even classic wall art decor are invaluable elements for contemporary homes. The artistic murals create an impression of personality and character in unconventional places.

Raji Radhakrishnan advocates for using murals in modern interior design trends as they bring people into the house. A mural that communicates to the taste of the inhabitant never goes out of style and is definitely something to look forward to!

3. Interior design secrets: Pair traditional with modern

interior design secrets


As familiar as this advice sounds, many people miss the idea behind this. Pairing traditional with modern elements creates a compelling balance of functionality and aesthetics.

“Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires.” — Caleb Anderson

4. Interior design secrets: High tech lighting

interior design secrets


The future is here. The top of the lime smart circadian rhythm lighting is just a small glimpse of futuristic small homes. The lighting adds versatility in your design by changing the colour palette and keeping you in good health, Breegan Jane suggests.

5. Interior design secrets: Get creative with the bulbs

interior design secrets


Lighting is essential for a design. In addition to the functionality, the bulbs carry aesthetic importance.

Paloma Contreras recommends going for LED bulbs as they are super energy efficient, look great, and go with your budget-friendly plans!

6. Interior design secrets: Use natural fibre decor

interior design secrets


Amy Berry advocates for the free use of wicker for its versatility and texture. The wicker baskets are super functional that highlight your design taste and lush aesthetics.

The interior design trends in the world today carry immense inspiration for design enthusiasts. So get yourself a free afternoon and get your home a gorgeous, timeless facelift!

Picture Courtesy: Housebeautiful 

Featured: Christopher Dibble