Is your home interior design keeping up with the interior design trends in 2020? With the year 2020 unfolding before us, we can’t help but notice the subtle and drastic changes in our understanding of an efficient and elegant design.

Design is a super dynamic field. Therefore, design-conscious people need to keep up with the varying trends in the area. Here are six interior design trends in 2020 that are stealing hearts worldwide!

1. Natural Design Elements

With lockdown restrictions all across the globe, it is only natural to miss out on the outdoor blessings of nature. This admiration for nature brings us to a point where the natural elements in the interior design hold immense aesthetic and functional value!

interior design trends in 2020

The Biophilic design is a hot topic in the community. It is one of the most successful latest interior design trends in India.

A natural ambience with elements like natural sunlight, indoor plants, and green decor brings warmth and emotion to space. The natural biophilic design works exceptionally well with modern and contemporary design schemes.

The admiration of everything rustic and natural doesn’t seem to have an end. It is one of the most admired interior design trends in 2020.

2. Home Office

interior design trends in 2020

Designers today are more than ever concerned about the ergonomics of the home. The work from home culture seems to have no limits and is going to be an essential addition in the post-pandemic world.

Therefore, an elegant and efficient home office is a must-have for households in 2020. People are aware of the potential of organization of the space. Therefore a clean and clutter-free home office is cherished by a vast majority of people.

Convenient wall desks, mini secretary desks or the infamous leaning ladders are the highlight of interior design trends in 2020.

3. Canopy Beds

interior design trends in 2020

Canopy beds made a sweet comeback with the rise of mid-century modern design, and the trend refuses to die out ever since. The canopy adds to the luxurious and comforting appeal of the bedroom.

Most of the canopy beds are super customizable and work well with virtually any interior design of the bedroom. However, special care must be taken while measuring the bed frame and room dimensions. A heavy-looking bed only makes a small bedroom congested and suffocating!

In the current scenario, sleek metal frames are chic. They are quickly making it to the list of latest interior design trends in India.

4. Floral Wallpapers and Murals

interior design trends in 2020

Via: Decorilla

With a timeless appeal, flowers on the walls are the go-to option for most of the designers in 2020. From stencil art and murals to artsy wallpapers, flowers brighten any space that lacks life and emotion!

The successful designers in 2020 know that the options are endless. Still, a thorough grasp is required to pull off elegant aesthetics! In case you are looking for some ideas, you can never go wrong with wildflowers at the accent wall of your bedroom. For spaces like the living room exotic peonies and the mid-century interior design work well!

Removable wallpapers open doors to experimentation and work exceptionally well with entryways, galleries and even bathrooms!

5. Multifunctional spaces

interior design trends in 2020

The design community in 2020 is adapting towards creating multifunctional spaces that extract functionality and convenience from the aesthetics.

You are aware of the kitchen islands that make brilliant workspaces for online meetings, or a cosy personal gym in your basement or the garage. Today, a small space is not an excuse for a poorly planned design.

Multifunctional spaces open doors to a world of possibilities and are one of the most in-demand interior design trends in 2020!

6. In-built Seating Areas

interior design trends in 2020

Minimalists find applications in the form of the spaces. With the popularity of minimalist interior design, the in-built seating areas are appearing in a lot of modern interiors!

These cosy spaces are perfect for afternoon naps or enjoying a cup of coffee with your favourite book during odd times of your day.