It is essential to keep the interior design style in your home in sync with the fast-pacing world of design. An obsolete design is not only unappealing and unconventional, but it also makes you compromise on the functionality of your home. Latest interior design trends in India revolve mostly around combining aesthetics and functionality in the post-pandemic world. Today, more than ever, we have a plethora of options for design and decoration. DIY projects and easy tutorials can help you immensely in staying ahead of the world with your interiors!

With the holiday season upon us, it is once again a glorious opportunity to figure things out and make some changes. Most people reshuffle their colour palette, make some changes in the furnishing or go as far as getting their homes deep cleansed for the occasion. Here are another six latest interior design trends in India to look out for in 2020 that can be especially important during the festive season!

1. Exposed concrete and raw wood

interior design trends

Extension Grieder-Swarovski / Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten © Valentin Jeck

The use of exposed concrete and wood as raw elements is everywhere. From the basic rustic and industrial interior design styles to the most modern and contemporary designs, concrete and timber present an effortless addition to the aesthetics of the place.

Using raw materials like concrete and wood, designers and architects add warmth and elegance without extending the budget and splurging on overpriced decor. These materials allow durability and low maintenance designs with timeless appeal!

In 2020, exposed wood and raw concrete are one of the most important interior design trends you need to be aware of.

2. Fluid Living Areas bringing people together

interior design trends

Apartamento ready-made / azab © Luis Diaz Diaz

Instead of incorporating more and more solid divisions in the space, designers are looking out for curtains, screens and other elements to ensure the fluidity and connectivity of different rooms.

With an increasing interest in multifunctional spaces, living areas are becoming more connected and linked to avoiding losing space and functionality. In small homes, personalising spaces and isolating with curtains is a tried and tested way to increase the functionality of the room.

3. Colourful Bathrooms

interior design trends

Huellas House / cumuloLimbo studio © Javier de Paz García

Warm and neutral tones are finding immense use in living rooms and other areas of the home. But the fascination with colour and energetic hues in the bathroom is the thing we want your attention towards! With lively colours like light pink, golden yellow, olive green and navy blue in bathrooms, designers are prepping up their masterpieces.

These colourful bathrooms showcase a display of daring elegance. Vibrant bathroom colour palettes are one of the most popular latest interior design trends in India today.

4. Utilising space under the stairway

interior design trends

Sierra Fría House/ ESRAWE © César Béjar

There are no limits for creativity. What started off as a few success stories of curbing storage issues turned into a trend in the present day and age.

The space under the stairway can be efficiently turned into a closet, cupboard a little laundry room or an elegant bookshelf!

5. The pleasant comeback of Arches

interior design trends

PENTHOUSE / P-M-A-A © José Hevia

Arches are typically a component of traditional interior design. In 2020, designers and architects are using curved windows and rounded doorways more liberally than ever!

Arches work exceptionally well with biophilic and chubby designs. They incorporate different curves in contrast with the sleek lines and corners of the modernist interiors.

6. Natural Fibre Furniture

interior design trends

Santa Teresa House / Amelia Tavella Architectes © Thibaut Dini

Rattan and wicker are increasingly finding applications in the interior design of modern homes. These materials are no longer limited to coastal designs and vacation homes.

Natural fibre furniture is a fantastic piece to add in your balcony. These durable and affordable furnishing options provide a plethora of opportunities to add functionality and rustic appeal to your interiors.

Interior design trends in 2020 exemplify the creativity and potential of modern-day professionals. The profession is only going to grow in the competition looking at the growth of design in the present scenario.

Featured image: Apartamento ready-made / azab © Luis Diaz Diaz