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With many people inclining towards the transitional interior design styles, looking for the perfect mix of tradition, modern and convenience, the popularity of industrial design scheme is growing. Thanks to the generous following on social media, the exposed bricks and sleek modernity are stealing hearts all across the globe!

Industrial interior design comes with a perfect play of contrasts to create a life with characteristic old-world charm. It generally features lofts of boasting oversized dark metal windows, raw wood furnishing and exposed walls. The problem is, like in all interior design styles, you should be familiar with its functionality. For example, when it comes to designing industrial style homes, how do you make the perfect look for you without it coming off as a heavy-handed cluttered theme?

Here are six practical tips for extracting inspiration for the perfect industrial interior design styles in your next project!

1. Neutral Colour Palette

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A neutral colour palette is a characteristic of most of the interior design styles, be it Traditional or Rustic. The neutral colour palette comes with a comforting presence on the eye that is distinctly felt by the inhabitants. Save the bold shades for small details while most of the spaces should radiate neutral tones. A clean and harmonious outlook is essential to industrial interior design.

For spaces like the bathrooms, exposed brick and white tiles make for an appealing combination. The black metal framed glass features can complete the design scheme.

2. Go for Open Plan Designs

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Before you start investing in decor and accessories, it’s important to ask yourself whether it is right for you. Most often, the industrial style homes are spacious and work well with open plan designs.

A well-planned strategy can help you arrange industrial style furniture in groupings to break up space, to prevent the space from looking inconveniently large and unable to decorate.

3. The Perfect Touch of Wood and Metal

An industrial look is a near-perfect mix of old and new materials. The material palette in most of the interior design styles in this scheme consists mostly of unfinished, raw wood interrupted by glimpses of metal. For example, you can go for a vintage wooden vanity and a steel-framed mirror in a bathroom of industrial style.

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4. Optimise lighting

Most of the industrial style lighting features the use of metal and often consists of a combination of pendants, wall hangings and lamps. Typically, the low hanging pendants with wide shades do well.

Additionally, multi-directional floor lamps can also feature well in an industrial style living room. You can also go for reclaimed lighting for the rustic appeal in space.

5. Flaunt the Exposed Pipes

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What is the use of going through all the hassle if the design doesn’t show the signature elements?

An industrial style living room is incomplete without the presence of features that most interior design styles work hard to conceal, such as ducts and pipes. This look is usually a common sight in repurposed warehouse apartments.

6. Complete with some industrial decor accessories!

The key focus for an industrial look is in inciting the feel of being inside a glamorous factory setting. This is impossible to achieve without the relevant accessories.

Decorate your private and general spaces with salvaged factory parts and vintage machinery along with traditional photographs and distressed leather decor, and you are good to go!

As we conclude, it is important to keep in mind that some of the most successful design projects are cheap and convenient. Therefore, comfort and functionality should be the highlight of your interiors, regardless of the interior design styles that inspire you. Industrial interior design comes with a plethora of opportunities for modern homes and can help you get just the right ambience for your dream home!