For the millennials, the admiration for traditional interiors seems not to stop. Therefore, there is a demand for practical transitional Home design ideas in the community. A vast proportion of people today are not very fond of heavy fabrics and porcelain figurines hanging around their living room. This is not to say that they lack an appreciation for art and culture, but as Plato puts it perfectly,

“To each, his own.”

Here are 6 Transitional home ideas for your next project to get the perfect design scheme bringing you comfort and aesthetics:

1. Incline Towards Happy Design 

transitional home design ideas


Transitional interior design reeks of happiness. A perfect blend of tradition and progress should incite a feeling of fulfilment and happiness. 

The look should be perfect for anyone who finds traditional design as cluttered and unnecessarily stuffed while having a repulsion for contemporary “corporate-like”, cold and stark interiors. Transitional design is built on cleaner lines, elegant profiles and modern aesthetics, without sweeping out the traditional details. 

As expected, getting the best of both worlds in a design scheme is challenging. However, with enough exposure, the prospects are enormous! 

2. Balance the Styles

Balance is the most critical aspect of transitional interior design. 

Bringing in elements from two conventionally different design styles might seem like it would result in something unnecessarily bold, but the look is pretty warm and smooth.

With furnishings leaning towards simple, clean lines, and symmetrical facades, the side of minimalism is often evident. 

“Some core transitional features would be painted out moulding, open floor plans, shaker cabinet doors, and taller ceiling heights. A lot of farmhouse styles feel transitional,” As the renowned interior designer, Barbara Schmidt says.

3. Minimalistic Colour Palette

transitional home design ideas

Transitional style living room design by Decorilla online interior designer, Sonia C.

Colours are incredibly crucial to human consciousness. We live with the influence of colours around us. Therefore, private spaces like bedrooms often have a neutral colour palette. 

An earthy neutral colour palette forms a clean and calming aesthetic that is everything the admirers of transitional design want for themselves. A soft and subtle touch, with neutral bases such as greys and warm whites, can do wonders. Additionally, darker shades bring in the depth and accents, like browns, blues, and soft shades of green.

4. Creative, Diverse Fabrics

transitional home design ideas

Soft furnishings is where you leave out the modern designs and go gaga over traditional textiles and handicrafts. Textures can add comfort to space, so transitional design incorporates fabrics like corduroy, cotton, and chenille. 

5. Furniture isn’t Extreme 

transitional home design ideas


Staying away from extremes is the only thing to keep in mind. Couches and chairs are generally large, showcasing comfort and convenience. Plush pieces that feature clean lines will work just fine. Furniture placed in groupings is a common sight in transitional home design to ground a room. However, ample negative space is vital to keep the overall effect smooth and functional and make the furniture the focal point of the interiors. 

6. Clutter-free Design: Minimum Accessories

Make sure not to make your interiors look like an Indian TV soap’s shooting set! 

With the transitional design, you say goodbye to distracting, inconvenient accessories blocking your field of vision. These homes are to be functional as the owners are always looking for ergonomically convenient spaces. Simple accessories like area rugs, throw pillows, potted plants, and wooden trays have the potential to carve out the perfect transitional interior design! 

Transitional interior design is tricky. It sometimes is more science than art. Therefore the professionals need to be at the top of their games to create Instagram-worthy interiors. We hope these six transitional home design ideas will be of immense help for your next project to have a perfect fragrance of nostalgia in convenient happy spaces!