When it comes to the material palette, wood has to be one of the most versatile options out there. From luxurious traditional homes to sleek corporate offices, there is a type of wood for every place. Wood interior design ideas for spaces like bedroom are immensely fruitful for designers.

With the rustic interior design increasingly becoming popular in the current design scenario, we turn towards this natural element’s unique appeal. Presenting six beautiful wood interior design ideas to create perfect bedrooms!

1. Light and breezy wooden wall designs

wood interior design ideas

Visualizer: Roman Movliaiko

Going for the classic shades and tones instantly accentuate the lighting in your space. With light wood panelling as in this design, you can craft a perfect resting ambience for your home.

The Gooseneck style modern wall scones add to the appeal of the wood interior design.

2. Panelled shafts for a contemporary touch

wood interior design ideas

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev

With an active infusion of grey, white and wooden hues, the panelled shafts express a contemporary feel in your bedroom. The extra-large square window takes care of the lighting requirements in your bedroom interior design.

The quality of wood to work in every style is well known in the design community. Getting creative with raw materials can pay off significantly as in this design!

3. Smart wood interior design ideas

Can’t take your eyes off of the LED lighting on the wall, right?

wood interior design ideas

Source: Kovr

This design from Kovr presents a wooden wall with smartphone-controlled LEDs creating an excellent design feature out of nothing!

With technological advancements and smart homes’ coming, adding some unique features to your bedroom interior design helps your home stand out!

4. Minimalistic design with wooden wall designs

wood interior design ideas

Visualizer: Sequoia Cgi

Wood, as an element, can function with each and every interior design style if done carefully. The chequered wall in this bedroom interior design works exceptionally well with the minimalist air of the room.

With LEDs creating an interesting visual dynamic, the accent wood wall presents a charming break from white monotony.

5. Experiment with attic styles

wood interior design ideas

Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali

It might come off as a surprise for people not well versed with the design knowledge today. But low ceiling height is a reasonably widespread problem in modern homes.

This design features an attic-style bedroom interior design that makes the most of the space. The diagonal wooden wall and matching platform function well with other elements in the room.

Add trinklets, pot plants and a few storage shelves below the circular lights to complete the scheme and you’re good to go!

6. Celebrate imperfections

wood interior design ideas

Visualizer: Lyubimova Kate

Wooden walls in rustic homes have this unique quality of being straightforward and natural. With an “imperfect” facade, the rustic interior design creates some of the warmest and inviting places!

Notice the bedroom interior design in this wooden cabin. The rough panelling paired in the shapes of trees with contemporary elements in the room has a distinct natural aura.

The natural charm of wood as a material is unique. These wooden interior design ideas can help you get off to a great starting case you’re looking for a renovation shortly.

Featured image: Nevi Studios