We have talked about bedroom decor for Christmas. It is time we stop beating around the bush. This post presents seven Christmas table decorations that are full of holiday decorating ideas for a memorable evening!

The most critical area in your home for the holiday season has to be the dining area. Once you are done with the furnishing and the menu, it is going to be on the fabrics and other table decors.

1. Layered Christmas table decorations

christmas table decorations


Layered contrasts in interior design are one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020. So why limit this style to the living room?

Using decor items with different heights adds a significant dimension to your space. As in this design, notice how the oversized snowflakes, candlesticks and olive branch garlands sit elegantly with each playing its part perfectly well!

2. Maximalist holiday decoration ideas

christmas table decorations


It is time you stop feeling intimidated with these vibrant maximalist Christmas table decorations! This beautiful style from Sara Rodrigues and Robert Rufino for House Beautiful is much easier than it appears.

With grocery store tartan patterned carnations, classic holiday motifs, cinnamon candy and a vibrant tablecloth, this style is a real treat to the eyes of maximalists!

3. Mini trees work exceptionally well

christmas table decorations


Having a cheery green ambience on your Christmas table can be achieved with something as minimalistic as mini faux fir trees. Add some flowers for beautiful contrast and say goodbye to your decoration worries!

This style is definitely a go-to option for people in a committed relationship with their dining room design. Getting a lot more done in very little time is something only the best in business can pull off! Here’s your chance.

4. Mimic snowy environment

christmas table decorations


Not everyone lives in the north, we get it. Does that mean your Christmas can’t be snowy?

This beautiful design from Sugar & Cloth presets plenty texture in the table with a unique faux fur table runner. The soft snowy look sets the mood just right for the winter. Decorate over the snowy backdrop with other Christmas decoration ideas like bells and fold napkins in fir shape to complete the setting!

5. Stick to neutral if that’s your taste!

christmas table decorations


In case you find most of the Christmas decoration ideas overwhelming for your dining area design, you can always rely on understated decor elements. These subtle additions will instantly add a Christmas appeal in your interiors without costing much.

This beautiful Christmas centrepiece from the brains at Lark & Linen carries a whimsical appeal. The elegant style is called “woodland whimsical” is definitely one of the best Christmas table decorations for minimalists.

6. Get creative

christmas table decorations


Having an eye for good design means you pull functionality out of thin air. Have a bunch of old blankets you are not sure you want to keep? Use them as table cloths.

This design features plaid blankets as a tablecloth and gives out a grounded ambience. Laying a garland at the centre of the table, add contrast with tangerines and this is all you need to do to pull off a brilliant reunion with friends and family!

7. Don’t miss out!

christmas table decorations


It is tempting to leave the chairs undecorated and straightforward. While this style can work with some home interiors, in most of the cases, the undecorated chairs will look odd.

It is easy to overlook the chairs. However, doing something as simple as tying wreaths, ribbons and sashes on the chairs can instantly create a cosy ambience!

Featured image: The lily pad cottage