Do you feel your home lacks a compelling first impression? Entryway design is a crucial aspect of design in modern interior design and decorating. Most of the successful interiors are designed in a way to grab the visitors’ attention at the foyer or the entryway itself. Creating intrigue and drama in the entryway design is one of the most vital steps towards an elegant interior scheme.

The home entryway design communicates with the human presence in the house. It subconsciously sets the mood according to the lifestyle. This post presents seven beautiful entryway design ideas that can help you carve out the perfect set of interiors for your home!

1. Flaunt a grand piano at the entryway design

entryway design


There is no better way to show off your taste for classical music than by featuring an elegant grand piano right at the foyer.

Coming from the portfolio of the Dallas-based decorator Jean Liu, this glossy black piano stands out from the neutral backdrop of light wood flooring, modern glass and leather pieces. Overall, space holds a formal appeal that complements the warmth of wood.

2. Go old school

entryway design


This entryway from Architect James Carter and Jane Hawkins highlights the potential of low ceilinged entryway design with a stair landing in this country house.

The foyer gives out the appeal of a tiny cottage when a person enters the property. This adds intrigue and delays the drama for the later spaces in the design.

3. Glass panels to improve lighting

entryway design


This entryway design involves the use of glass panels in the main entrance to invite ample sunlight in the interiors.

The sharp angles and dark colours in the scheme with graphic rugs add an elegant modern appeal to the design. As a result, the space looks intimately eclectic without being too much in the face.

4. Celebrate the charm of blue and white

entryway design


The charm of blue and white is unparalleled. There are very few colour combinations that can match the appeal of this beautiful happy combination.

Coming from the portfolio of Mark D. Sikes, this design celebrates a vivid expression of blue and white. This Beverly Hills Foyer presents china seas wallpaper, soft furnishing in Fermoie chandelier shades and a striped rug from Elizabeth Eakins.

5. Utilise negative spaces

entryway design


Utilising the awkward space under the stairway, Romanek Design Studio worked well with the negative space in this entryway design. With a beautiful settee and a set of small frames communicating with the scale of the niche and other elements, the design expresses a perfect balance between modern accents.

Additionally, the black and white stone tiles and a stunning chandelier accentuate the appeal of the home entryway design further.

6. Entryway design ideas with natural fibres

entryway design


The Sisal rug wallcovering in this unique home entryway design brings out a natural appeal that is hard to miss. The foyer makes a classic first impression with beautiful cement-tile floor and wall hooks that add to the functionality.

Additionally, the warm sisal outlook in the design breaks the monotony of white. It makes a good case for an accent wall at arguably the most essential part of your home design.

7. Add statement rugs

entryway design


This entryway design from Arent & Pyke presents a plethora of design ideas from the architectural stairway, a burnt orange rug to the double frosted glass doors.

Adding a statement rug into the home entryway design adds warmth. It infuses a touch of character and personality in the design scheme. For example, in this design, the rust and sage hues add warmth to counter the darker elements and create an inviting ambience.