Floral wallpapers for walls are one of the most popular interior design trends. People are increasingly inclining towards a natural and biophilic interior design. Wallpaper design ideas can help you craft the ambience of your dream without splurging unnecessarily. Its time you get your home a floral facelift!

One of the best qualities of these simple elements is the sheer accessibility. Available in stores all across the world, you can find virtually every kind of wallpaper for your home. These six floral wallpapers for walls make a strong case for these cheap, efficient and beautiful elements!

1. Opposites attract!

floral wallpapers for walls


Pair up complementary colours with each other and let the magic unfold!

This traditional dining room by Honey Collins Interiors presents chinoisere wallpaper that imparts a timeless appeal. This beautiful ambience is proof that floral wallpapers for walls are one of the most valuable interior design trends!

2. Soothing decor

floral wallpapers for walls


Floral wallpapers don’t have to be too much in your face. With soft colours, gold accents and a soothing wallpaper, Talbot Cooley’s space showcases the potential of floral wallpapers in the dining area.

3. Floral wallpapers with the artistic addition

floral wallpapers for walls


Floral wallpaper in your home is only one part of the equation. It is essential to make a few additions to capitalise on the full potential of the element. Floral wallpapers work exceptionally well with the artistic, maximalist decor and that’s all you need to know to get started! Kati Curtis Design’s project makes a strong case for this design.

4. Nature’s favourite

floral wallpapers for walls


Biophilic interior design is stealing attention all around on the web. People willing to go the extra mile for getting a nature-inspired look can find application for this element in numerous spaces in their homes.

Floral wallpapers for walls create an exciting outlook as in this design from Chandos Interiors. The trees head towards the ceiling as pink and orange flowers blossom along the branches.

5. Play with the contrast of white and dark

floral wallpapers for walls


In a dark background, the white patterns containing tree branches, birds and flowers shine through this glorious dining area.

With design from Patrick Ahearn Architect, the light and dark elements create an interesting visual dynamic.

6. Luxurious gold wallpaper design ideas

floral wallpapers for walls


Some of the most luxurious traditional interior designs worldwide make full use of gold accents. This space from Penny Drue Baird- Dessins LLS is a glorious tribute to gold accents and floral wallpapers for walls.

From the glistening floral wallpaper to the stunning tabletop decor, every element plays its part in creating a glorious setting that never goes out of style!

7. Unconventional colour schemes

floral wallpapers for walls


While exploring the potential of floral wallpapers for walls, make sure you don’t lose sight of the prime importance of colours. Interior design trends in modern design community feature extensive options for experimentation.

As seen in this design, the golden complemented shades with blue dining room chairs and hot pink centrepieces from Mendelson Group, Inc create a beautiful ambience.

Floral wallpapers for walls are one of the most popular interior design trends today. Without spending much, you get to create a perfect natural setting that oozes out creativity, modernity and aesthetics!

Featured: Eric Piasecki Photography