The arch design trend is one of the most popular design trends in 2020. With elegant simplicity, the arches work exceptionally well with a vast number of options. From mirrors and ceilings to hallways and entryways; the arch designs are everywhere. Designers use this beautiful element to add some emotion to the modern mechanical interiors that are vulnerable to banality.

The interior design trends in 2020 are a significant breakthrough in our knowledge of design. Professionals and amateur designers are increasingly becoming more aware of the available options for their interiors. These arch designs carry a lot of inspiration for the present community of design-conscious individuals!

1. Celebrating Arch designs in a Minimalist Space

arch designs

This elegant work from Hogg and Lamb explores the possibility of arch designs for hall and other spaces. The designers express their admiration for arch design trends by featuring it in the doorway, the ceiling and even the island in the kitchen!

Arches respond well to light and add depth and dimension to the otherwise dull spaces.

2. Remodelling your house with arch designs

arch designs

You have nothing to worry about if your home doesn’t feature any of those super sophisticated arches. In case you are looking for remodelling your home, it would be a fantastic opportunity to ramp up the aesthetics of your space with some trendy elements!

This arched mirror from Douglas and Bec is an excellent quick fix for your interiors.

3. Bathroom renovation with arch designs

arch designs

Your bathroom interior design sets the mood for your day. Keeping it joyful and eclectic will make sure you start things the right way. A bathroom is also a fantastic place for exemplifying personality and character.

This beautiful bathroom renovation from Three Birds Renovation features extensive use of arches and arch designs. Notice the subtle references to the design style in the tiles, the mirror and the light decor!

4. Infusing the arch design trend in the fireplace and mirrors

arch designs

What do you think of this warm repetition of arch designs in the mirror above and the fireplace below?

The chubby sofa design works elegantly with the arches in the space and creates a comforting setting. This work from Bicker design truly makes a good case for arch designs.

5. Arched Ceilings

arch designs

Designers can craft out a perfect contemporary or mid-century modern home setting with the arch design trend. It is time we realise that the arched ceilings are not limited to cathedrals and mosques.

This beautiful hotel, Masseria San Giovanni designed by the brains at archilovers, features an elegant arched ceiling that has a timeless appeal!

6. Arched Windows

arch designs

The windows are an essential part of the design scheme. This element controls the natural lighting of the room and can contribute significantly to the outdoor-indoor connection.

This project from Sans Arc Studio features windows with arch designs that present drama to space. The dark window frames stand apart from the light backdrop.

7. Creating contrasts with arches

arch designs

This project from Owen Architecture showcases a perfect execution of arch designs in the bathroom. With everything else being rectangular and square-ish, the archway in the bathroom enjoys all the visual attention.

An elegant interior design goes with the flow of the room. It makes you feel how you were supposed to in that area of your home. The arch designs in 2020 are an excellent style to explore with designers all across the globe looking for opportunities to test their skills.

Considering the popularity of this on social media, the arch design trend is here to stay. In case you want your home’s aesthetics to be relevant and classy, get creative with an arch design and show some loving!