In the post-pandemic world, home offices are one of the most significant additions to interior design and decorating. When it comes to designing home offices and workplaces, it is vital to take care of the functionality and ergonomics of the design. In case you are looking for some home office design ideas, we got you covered! This post presents seven ideas for home office design that can help you ace your career regardless of wherever you are in the world!

Happy working!

1. Go vintage with your home office design

ideas for home office design


In this beautiful study of Christian Burch and John Frechette, owners of the menswear shop “Mountain Dandy”.  The elegant vintage appeal of the furnishing sets this design apart from a plethora of content online.

Notice the roll-top desk and the pegboard walls, both of the elements creating a warm hint of nostalgia communicating with the lighting from the window.

2. Go beyond the rules

ideas for home office design


Is it necessary to have a bulky work desk to create an efficient home office design?

This airy, clutter-free and elegant work from a Nashville home by the New York designer Dani Arps is a gold mine of ideas for home office.

Arps criticizes the use of bulky desks with enormous storage elements like drawers in the current decorating scenario. Today, most of the files are digitally stored and therefore, this design features a large, streamlined table from Industry West that works well here.

3. Use vibrant colours to add energy

ideas for home office design


Why limit yourself to neutral colours when you have access to exciting colour schemes?

Notice how the Jewel tone statement walls, numerous stunning artwork and eye-catching prints take over this home office design!

Home office design ideas with vibrant colours like the fuchsia featured here are trendy today. This design from Krsnaa Mehta’s home office emanates personality and style.

4. Add mobility as per your convenience

ideas for home office design


You have heard of those mobile kitchen islands that can be rolled to the side when not in use, right? Consider grabbing something like that for your home office design.

As seen in this design, Victoria Pearson puts her skills to test by combining a wooden top from Ikea with a wheeled CB2 base that instantly created lots of possibilities in the design. The mobile addition can enable a change of scenery, and you no longer have to worry about rearranging your workplace!

5. Match the accessories with the colour palette

ideas for home office design


This design from Miles Redd is everything a maximalist needs. The tented ceiling with the wallpaper eases the transition between the walls and the windows.

The stylish appeal of the design speaks to the conscience and strikes just the right balance. Moreover, notice the matching pinboard on the wall that adds functionality and works exceptionally well with the colour palette!  Keeping consistent with the colour palette reduces distractions and speeds up the process of getting in the mood to work.

6. Take care of the clutter

ideas for home office design


Not all the clutter in your home is meant to be discarded. If you think most of the stuff piled up on your desk is of importance, you can add a sleek cupboard in the home office design.

Ideas for home office design rarely make creative use of curtains as in this design scheme. The Birmingham, Alabama office features curtains that soften the ambience and help to hide the daily office papers and other items in the shelves.

7. Go modern

ideas for home office design


The modernist interiors are chic and add a timeless appeal to the home office. Combining the black furniture with brass accents creates a sleek, professional outlook that will invite compliments after video conferences!

Take care not to hinder the lighting by creating a too dark ambience. Use shades of grey for getting just the right amount of intensity, and you are good to go!

With just the right amount of design skills, you can set these seven ideas for home office design into action and create a glorious workplace that stimulates your creativity and productivity!

Featured image courtesy: Emily Minton Redfield