Gone are the days when people preferred stark white interiors over anything else. In the 21st century, design and decoration are no more restricted to the convention. People have grown to love occasionally breaking some rules for creating elegant homes. However, despite all the hype around vibrant bubblegum hues, a neutral colour palette is surprisingly one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020!

Design is always changing in one form or the other. This post starts off a series on interior design trends that broke the internet this year. Read on if you think neutral colours are dull (They are not!).

1. Blue and white for the bedroom

neutral colour palette

Jane Beiles

We’ll start with an obvious one. The use of blue and white in bedroom interior design is well known. The sweet cosy aesthetics of the design creates a soulful ambience with timeless appeal. The country-inspired blue and white are one of the best interior design trends in 2020 if you’re all about the neutral colour palette. This design from Brooks & Falotico Associates, Inc. is all the proof you need!

2. Sandy Taupe and Cream colour palette

neutral colour palette

Henry Bourne

Another neutral colour palette on our list is this elegant bedroom from The Wiseman Group. The earthy appeal of the sandy shades is complemented with occasional treats of white. The result; a beautiful interior design, perfect for creating a vacation home bedroom without leaving your home!

3. Get creative with materials

neutral colour palette

Dana Lankus

A neutral colour palette in your home doesn’t necessarily have to be with paint. You don’t have to stick to one material throughout the house. As seen in this design from Randy Heller Inc./Pure & Simple Interior Design, the creative use of marble and lavender tones results in a glorious appeal with timeless aesthetics!

4. Use grey to feature modernism

neutral colour palette

Mike Schwartz Photography

The colour grey has oddly reached the sweet spot in the current design scenario. So much so that we have started associating this shade with luxury, modernism and technology.

In design, the grey shades express a uniquely modernist appeal that doesn’t seem to fade away with time. A grey neutral colour palette communicates well with the lighting, adding an illusion of depth and thus, makes it look bigger. This work from Studio Gild makes a strong case for grey!

5. Mint shades for lush living rooms

neutral colour palette

Polly Eltes

This design from Sims Hilditch is an epitome of using a neutral colour palette to the maximum advantage. Notice how the wooden centrepieces act as the focal point and converge the attention to the living area.

6. Black and charcoal black

neutral colour palette

Werner Straube

A neutral colour palette is definitely in no way restricted to lighter shades. Contrasting two neutral shades with light and dark accents presents a lively ambience that is a real treat in the eyes of the visitors, minimalists and maximalists alike! The decor in this home from Eva Quateman capitalises on the inherent drama of darker tones.

7. Glorious White

neutral colour palette

Michael Hunter Photography

White is always something to look forward to when it comes to changing interior design trends. Regardless of the type of space, this pleasant white shade illuminates the home like nothing!

In the end, we conclude by reminding you that no one element can give you a beautiful ambience. For a complete design, you have to think outside the box. Having said that, with a neutral colour palette, you can get off to a beautiful start! Happy designing!

Featured image: Taylor Howes, Picture from Jon Day.