In 2021, are you looking forward to a glorious home renovation? Or just a casual facelift to stir things up? Architectoniq brings you seven exquisite new colour combinations that will surely strike the right aesthetic balance in your home.

The conventional neutral tones are still preferred by designers all over the world. But when it comes to design, nothing is set in stone. People are increasingly adopting a more liberal approach towards choosing colours for their homes. As a result, exciting new colour combinations are stealing hearts all over the world. Take the cues from these compelling designs and get to work!

1. Colour combinations: Orange and deep teal

new colour combinations

Karyn Millet

The orange and teal shades appear to be on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The light and dark combination works exceptionally well with this design.

Designer Celerie Kemble’s daughter chose the colour scheme of their lush Manhattan apartment. The subtle warm appeal of orange cream accents the dark, dramatic teal carpet below.

2. New Colour combinations: Fairytale Aqua and Raspberry

new colour combinations


This beautiful space from Nick Olsen lights up the home with exciting, vibrant shades of pink and blue. Moreover, the Christopher Farr Cloth wallpaper on the ceiling brings visual attention to the room.

Vibrant shades are often perfect for designing rooms for children. Colourful interiors are one of the most popular interior design trends.

3. The lush affair of Mint and grey

new colour combinations


Retouching the appeal of the existing kitchen of this Palm Beach House, designer Caroline Rafferty draped the cabinets in a classic mint green shade. With dark red teak countertops on the island and the floors in Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, the ambience presents new colour combinations popular today.

4. Bold and new colour combinations: Iris and Crimson

new colour combinations


Nothing says a good design taste than this beautiful ambience. The purple ceiling called Delicate Petal, and a red statement from Pratt & Lambert are the most exciting elements of this home.

The living room interior design from Katie Brown’s Connecticut house is full of inspiration for modern designers and amateurs.

5. Fuschia and pale blue

new colour combinations


Very few people are aware of the potential of a combination as elegant as Fuschia and pale blue.

Serendipity can strike anytime. Kristen McCory was inspired by her client’s grandmother’s lipstick for this design. Decorating the hallway interior design in pale blue wallpaper, the designer creates a compelling focal point.

6. Experiment with related colours

new colour combinations


Two shades of the same family are generally avoided in an interior design. More so if both the shades are dark.

The designer from Black Lacquer Design, Caitlin Murray likes to play with the same family’s colours. With artworks and other statement pieces, the hues tie together the look and create a purposeful and polished design.

7. Peach and black

new colour combinations


Colours like peach and black create an exciting visual dynamic. The formal appeal of this design in the New York City living room design from Jamie Drake

New colour combinations are coming up every day. With an exciting future of design and decorating ahead, we urge you to consider these combinations in your next paint job!

Featured image: Lucas Allen