When it comes to the colour palette in your interiors, it is always advisable to follow specific rules. However, sometimes you have to let your creativity run wild! Modern designers are more liberal about using colour and less restrictive in their approach to design and decorating. This post presents seven compelling unconventional colour schemes that showcase what following your creative thought process can help you achieve!

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, these colour schemes hold lots of value in the interior design. They can instantly ramp up your home’s aesthetics and functionality!

1. Turquoise and Cobalt

Who would have thought about the rich potential of the unorthodox combination of turquoise and cobalt?

colour schemes


With all the fuss around bluish shades in the design community, cobalt and turquoise are often seen on different ends of the colour palette spectrum. Designer Dana Gibson expresses her delight for coming up with this rich, comfy and beachy bedroom interior design.

2. Lime Green and Pastel Blue

colour schemes


This design from designer Amanda Reynal of Amanda Reynal Interiors exemplifies a dynamic and warm interior design that’s lit up with the large sunny windows.

The blue and green shades lie pretty close to each other on the colour wheel and therefore create a beautiful organic colour scheme that is too hard to miss!

3. Blue, White and Tan

colour schemes


The veneration for blue and white is real. From lively living rooms to comfy bedrooms, shades of blue communicate well with white.

Complementing the charm of blue and white with unconventional colour schemes was important to Laurel and Wolf Designer Jessica Today. As a result, the colour palette of this beautiful home came into existence and stole the spotlight with a trendy aesthetic appeal!

4. Light Blue and Bright Red

colour schemes


From the portfolio of Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone of Consort Design, this beautiful mix of two vivid colours adds a poppy Americana charm to the design. The white curtains and ample sunlight accentuate the colour palette of the design even further!

5. Grey with Kelly Green

colour schemes


We are in awe of the versatility of grey in the interior design scenario. From the most luxurious celebrity interiors to basic farmhouse rustic ambiences, grey has a special place in the hearts of modern designers.

But what happens when you add the biophilic touch of Kelly green into the sophisticated grey area? Amanda Reynal from Amanda Reynal loves to experiment with unconventional colour schemes and comes up with exciting ideas for spaces.

This dining area combines Kelly green coloured chair pads, curtain trims and end tables into a sophisticated backdrop of grey.  And we can’t take our eyes off of it!

6. Grey, Black and white

colour schemes


Light grey and white is an overused combination in modern interior designs. However, what if you could get more out of this colour palette?

Add some dimension to your interior design whit bold black accents. Karen Vidal of Design Vidal came up with this soft, tranquil design with the added charm of bold Black. The black knobs accentuate the appeal of the design scheme.

7. Soft Rose, Cream and Burgundy

colour schemes


How could a bold shade like burgundy match the soft charm of light rose?

Sarah Magness from Magness Design proved the value of rose, cream and burgundy in the bedroom interior design. The sweet conglomeration of soft rose, cream and burgundy makes a good case for unconventional colour schemes and presents a world of opportunities for the modern design community.

When it comes to the real world, you won’t find everything in the design books. Charming designs come into existence from experience and an inherent knack for design! We hope these unconventional colour schemes inspire you to bring out your best games into reality and let your creativity guide your projects!