7 Easy Ways To Brighten Up a Dark Room (Without Spending Much!)

You can always go for a renovation in case you feel your room is too dark for its size. However, more often than not, renovation involves crushing down walls and carving out humungous windows which means one thing; more expenditure. But are there any easier ways to brighten up a dark room?

Designing an elegant, functional space is essential for professionals and amateurs alike. A usable space with a charming ambience is what we are aiming for. Unfortunately, even in the most lavish home interiors, designers tend to overlook lighting and its role in the interior design scene.

This post presents seven easy ways to brighten up a dark room with practical, budget-friendly room design ideas!

1. Light wood flooring instantly brightens your space

ways to brighten up a room

Installing the light wood flooring with lighter hues is one of the most widely used strategies to combat the dim light in a room. Additionally, the soft shades are excellent for areas that are frequently used because they can mask the scratches building up over time.

2. Mirrors can enhance the lighting in your design

ways to brighten up a room

Reflective surfaces like mirrors make the light rays bounce off inside your rooms. Additionally, mirrors are a tried and tested way of making a small space more prominent and more spacious than in reality.

You can begin by hanging a large mirror directly in front of the window in your room. Additionally, you can go with plenty of small mirrors in case you are lighting up a staircase as suggested by Houzz.

3. Opt for colourful, bright rugs

ways to brighten up a room

Colourful rugs are used in a variety of room design ideas. Designers use these beautiful elements to inject colour and personality into a specific area of the home. Moreover, bright rugs are one of the best ways to brighten up a dark room, regardless of your interior design style.

4. High gloss paint adds reflection and enhances your lighting

ways to brighten up a room
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Another budget-friendly, easy to implement strategy to brighten up a room is by using high gloss paint. Adding the charm of glossy finish in places like the ceiling can do wonders to your room’s design.

5. Direct your bookshelves perpendicular to the window

ways to brighten up a room
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It is only obvious that a bookshelf or partition placed parallel to a window will obstruct the natural light adorning your interior design style. Therefore, make sure you reserve these bulky pieces out of the way of sunny windows that are making your room brighter.

6. Trim the trees in your backyard on time

ways to brighten up a room
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Talking about things obstructing a sunny window, in case you are blessed with a backyard with glorious foliage, you might have to decide when to trim your trees.

Make it a point to trim the branches and bushes reaching your windows be trimmed regularly. Moreover, avoid planting trees on the southern face if your building to avoid losing on the beautiful morning sunlight.

7. Matte colours for walls

ways to brighten up a room
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But we just stressed upon glossy paint right?

The thing is glossy and reflective paints are best suited for ceilings as they can create a glare when applied on the walls. A matte shade can scatter light equally in all directions, making it easier for you to brighten your room without hindering functionality!

Bonus tip: Clean your windows!

The easiest of all! You will be surprised with the significant brightening up of your interiors once you clean your windows. Especially for metropolitan cities in a country like India, the dirt and pollution gets build up over time on the window glass and keeps on reducing the sunlight entering your home!

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