The modern-day interior design takes into account a lot of things. From aesthetics to convenience, an exhaustive briefing is done to fulfil the client’s demands. However, more often than not, even in the most successful design schemes, storage remains an issue. Cabinets and drawers are valuable additions to your house. However, when you are running short of space in your home, your bulky cabinets can do more harm than good. Therefore, we bring you hidden storage ideas from projects all across the globe that can help you immensely in adding functionality without compromising on space.

1. Do The Obvious

Hidden Storage Ideas

From The Rich Miser

Start with addressing most of the understated spaces in your home. Most of the garage and basements have become piles of junk in our homes. Miguel Suro from The Rich Miser added a few affordable racks and storage boxes in his garage and voila! The garage turns into an organised and inviting space that opens doors to a plethora of opportunities!

2. Hidden storage cupboard behind the bookshelf

Hidden Storage Ideas

This project from the Atlanta based interior designer, Tim Green features a marvellous cupboard behind a seemingly ordinary bookshelf.

Bulky items like luggage and storage boxes can be tossed behind the bookshelf to create an interior design with a clean, flawless façade.

3. Storage Ideas for Kitchen interior design

Hidden Storage Ideas

Very few spaces in your home are as cluttered as the kitchen. Every inch in the kitchen is very precious for your design. Therefore, storage options like cabinets and cupboards should never be overused.

In a small kitchen, the backsplash can be a perfect space for creating functionality. Christopher Peacock has an excellent idea for keeping the kitchen tidy with ingenious spice rack hidden behind a stunning sliding marble backsplash!

4. Dining Area with Storage Ideas

hidden storage ideas

In a project from Oh So Kel, the interior designer Kelly Harmer creates a stunning storage haven out of a typical dining area at her home. With hidden storage furniture multiplying the functionality of the space, the innovative application of this design accentuates the appeal of the room without compromising on space.

5. Blend things in your design

hidden storage ideas

via By Dawn Nicole

Having an open garbage can in the visuals of your interiors can undoubtedly create a hideous contrast. The hidden storage furniture for garbage-can can blend with your interiors according to your design taste without affecting the aesthetics of your home.

6. Storage Side Tables

hidden storage ideas

via Sugar and Cloth

Sleek, modern and very, very functional. Hidden storage side tables in your living room or by your bed can be the perfect element for storing the essential items that tend to go missing!

Ashley from Sugar and Cloth presents a convenient piece from a handful of raw materials. The stylish appeal of the table makes it very relevant to all the interior design styles.

7. Wooden Blocks For Kids’ Storage Needs

hidden storage ideas

via Toolbox Divas

A cluttered kids’ room is a common (and adorable) sight. It’s astonishing how easy it is to keep things organised yet playful in your kids space.

Having wooden blocks as part of the toys collection with storage option can be an efficient way to clear out the clutter in the room. The big blocks can store soft toys, books and other items.

8. Closet under the stairway

hidden storage ideas

The space under the stairway carries a lot of design potential. Crafting out a cosy closet under your stairway can give you the opportunities you were missing out on!

The design team at BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos introduced smartly placed cubbies and cabinets under the stairway to optimize the functionality.


The clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, is notoriously famous for reiterating the importance of cleaning one’s room. In the present scenario, he is not the only one being the voice of reason. A clean and clutter-free home is a millennial fantasy. With innovative design solutions and hidden storage furniture from designers across the globe, you will realise your space has a lot more potential for storage than you think!