The space under stairway design is a gold mine of ideas and carry immense potential, especially for small homes where every inch counts. 

Incidentally, one of the often-overlooked spaces in the modern household, is the stairway. Like other understated elements of the interior design scheme including the hallway or basement, space under staircase carries a lot of design potential. In this article, we feature eight stairway design ideas that are an epitome of creativity and innovation:

1. Space under staircase design for storage

space under stairway design

John Bynum Custom Homes

There is nothing more important than an organised clutter-free design in the current scenario. An organised outlook provides a clean and functional scenery that is the highlight of some of the most successful interior design styles. 

The use of appropriate cabinetry and drawers can do wonders to your stairway design while contributing ample space to store the essentials. 

For example, John Bynum Custom Homes have come up with storage for pet essentials under the stairway that maximise functionality. 

2. Workplace under the staircase

space under stairway design

@thislittlehouseofours / Instagram

The convenient space under stairway can be a perfect spot to feature a workplace or a reading corner! 

For instance, Melissa of @thislittlehouseofours crafted a stylish workspace that provides isolation from the noise and commotion with a cosy nook under the stairs that can be the perfect place to get things done.

3. Flaunt Your Decor 

space under stairway design


Having antiques and art decor suiting your taste under the staircase carry a special place in the heart of many designers. The stairway can provide a vignette shadow and further amplify the aesthetics of the space. 

4. Stairway design with a library 

space under stairway design


Start by placing your books on the storage area you have under the stairway. In case you feel you’re short of books, you can go for decor or indoor plants to fill up the gaps and create a compelling design scheme. 

5. Take a nap

space under stairway design

General Assembly / Joe Fletcher

This stairway design is one of the most valuable additions, especially in homes that are running short of space. 

This space solution from General Assembly features the space under stairway design with a fold-out bed when the cabinet opens. Taking naps in between your work projects or study sessions helps you be more productive and evade the burnout! 

6. Laundry under the stairway 

space under stairway design

Brickhouse Kitchens and Baths

Usually, the laundry room ends up taking a lot of space. Even if you have the machine installed in other areas like the kitchen, you end up compromising on a lot of space. 

Installing your washing machines in the space under stairway allows you to save a lot of space, especially if you don’t have one of those oversized apartments!

With convenient custom-built slots from Brickhouse Kitchens and Baths, the washer and dryer fit like a glove!

7. Kids Corner Under the stairway

space under stairway design / Instagram

Grab a couple of cabinets and drawers matching your design scheme, place a chair, and you are good to go! The ridiculous ease of creating an adorable kids corner in the space under stairway allows you never to lose your kids’ stuff again. 

Keeping things organised and tidy, the cabinets can be a perfect spot for toys, books, or even favourite snacks! While the tops can work well as tabletops.

As seen in this project by Lorna of, the space under the stairway is conveniently used to hold the stuffed animals, toys and books for kids.

8. Garden Under the stairway

space under stairway design

@tribeandus / Instagram

Installing your favourite collection of indoor plants in an exotic display under your stairway is another brilliant idea. As Kate of Tribe and Us has crafted a stunning garden under the stairs that adds warmth and aesthetics in the interiors. 

Creating the interiors of your choice and keeping the scheme functionally relevant and convenient is something that doesn’t come easy. Regardless of whether you are taking things in your own hands or consulting an interior designer, these eight ideas for space under stairway can help you craft the perfect interiors for your dream home!