With immense opportunities for personality and style, the banquette seating areas are one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020. People are increasingly becoming aware of the options available for a personalised interior design. Thanks to social media, these designs are now accessible to people from all walks of life.

Banquette seating areas are no more limited to coffee houses and breakfast nooks. People with an eye for efficient design are incorporating theses seating areas in different places, including the kitchen. These elegant spaces provide a cosy spot for spending evenings alone with your ideas.

Once you make up your mind, you will realise the potential of seating areas. However, you need to understand that not everything will work for your interiors. Find something that does go well with your colour palette, textures and materials.

In this article, we are presenting some inspiring and trendy seating area design ideas. Look no further than our list of the top eight designs below!

1. Infuse eclectic vibes with Ikat print

seating areas

Anice Hoachlander

This farmhouse interior design from Barnes Vanze Architects has a fantastic addition in the form of a banquette seating. The building is a cosy breakfast nook in Washington DC. The red lantern marks the farmhouse style and goes well with the eclectic ikat patterned seating areas.

2. Revisiting the understated Neutral tones

seating areas

Michael J. Lee

In this seating area design, the neutral banquet seating areas are contrasted with patterned throw pillows. The bright breakfast nook from Robin Gannon Interiors features an elegant antique wooden table that balances the light.

3. The Cosy Floral Chic

seating areas

Simon Upton

The understated floral patterns from this banquet are the highlight of Allegra Hicks’ kitchen. The painting is by Ingrid Dinter, and the large windows give a soulful glance to the garden outside.

4. Glorify refined taste with Limed Oak

seating areas

Pieter Estersohn

The breakfast areas of artist David Salle’s Brooklyn studio home feature limed oak banquets. The classic 1940’s Finnish school chair sits elegantly while at the top, the stunning Sri Lankan teardrop light provides a beautiful contrast.

5. Exploring the Blues and Whites

seating areas

Pieter Estersohn

Phillip Gorrivan designed this beautiful breakfast seating area with plenty of natural light. The banquette design boasts of blue and white DeLany and Long awning stripe fabric that never goes out of style!

The nook is completed elegantly with a selection of photographs by Kramer and an artist’s proof by Joan Miro over the seating areas.

6. Casual Sleek Leather

seating areas

Alyssa Rosenheck

The sleek leather banquette seating areas carry a distinctly casual vibe. This white breakfast nook from a family home in Tulsa, Oklahoma has an enchanting appeal of minimalism; from the furnishing to the lighting.

7. Bluesy Luxurious seating areas

seating areas

Christopher Stark

Designed by Holly Kopman, this breakfast nook features contemporary interior design. The luxurious blue banquet seating area and the industrial style table add to the charm. The white minimalist wall artwork provides an elegant contrast to space.

8. Add some charming Tufted Seating Areas

seating areas

Michelle Drewes Photography

This elegant white and tan Napa Valley Kitchen comes into existence straight from the portfolio of Lori Gilder. The tufted banquet seating area sits elegantly in the corner, complemented by a white tulip table.

There are numerous ways to get yourself a lovely breakfast nook. These understated seating areas are full of functionality, aesthetics and warmth. Pay attention to the colour palette, experiment with contrasts and let your imagination run wild!

Pictures via Elle Decor.