Kaberi Gogoi

How AR and VR Will Enhance the Future


The Future of the Sports Arena Experience Ever since people started incorporating physical activities in their lifestyle, there is a sense of community that comes with it. People from all walks of life and different communities joining hands to cheer for their team makes it a surreal experience. For the sports fanatics, very few experiences … Read more

Architecture Building Space for Empathy

Architecture Building

Architecture and design has always influenced us. It appeals to our conscience and challenge our thinking when done with skill, emotion and substance. Therefore even with all that is going on in the world today, architects and designers around the world are coming out together to create a social impact that some people rarely associate … Read more

Marketing for Architects: 5 Ways to Get More Clients Now


In the world of digital marketing, getting noticed can be difficult. There is so much content on the internet and its only natural to feel lost in the present scenario. Making it big and getting noticed can be difficult if done without a marketing strategy in place. However, once you set your priorities right and … Read more