Shamoon Abdullah

7 Unconventional Colour Schemes You Need to Try!

colour schemes

When it comes to the colour palette in your interiors, it is always advisable to follow specific rules. However, sometimes you have to let your creativity run wild! Modern designers are more liberal about using colour and less restrictive in their approach to design and decorating. This post presents seven compelling unconventional colour schemes that … Read more

Wallpaper Design Ideas: 5 Beautiful Projects With a Timeless Appeal!

wallpaper design ideas

Wallpapers and murals are upcoming interior design trends as we complete the year 2020. The ease of access, the budget-friendly appeal and the convenient removability of this décor option is enough for it to trend all over the modern design community. This post presents five beautiful wallpaper design ideas that make a strong case for … Read more

Noida Homes: 2 Beautiful Homes for Artistic Design Inspiration!

noida homes

Noida is an emerging, rapidly developing hotspot for architecture and design inspiration. With cosy cottages, lush farmhouses and humongous residential complexes, this small part of the state of Uttar Pradesh is definitely the real “Sapnon ka Pradesh”. This post presents two beautiful, artistic Noida homes that will immensely help you in your future design endeavours! … Read more

3 Stunning South Mumbai Homes for Your Style Inspiration

south mumbai homes

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a city filled with celebrity homes and scores high on development. Especially the south Mumbai area is a gold mine for architecture and design ideas. This post presents three stunning south Mumbai homes that feature a stylish design with a timeless appeal! These homes in south Mumbai give a … Read more