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Alibag Homes: 3 Homes that celebrate vernacular architecture!

alibag homes

Alibag is one of the most obscure locations when it comes to the Indian design scenario. However, designers are scouring through this little piece of Maharashtrian paradise and creating compelling designs during recent years. Alibag homes are famous for the mind soothing tranquillity that permeates through the concrete walls and present an ideal abode for … Read more

Home Decor: 5 Places to Incorporate Swings

home decor

Swings are common worldwide for the world of opportunities they present in a design. Swings can be excellent home decor additions incorporated in different spaces throughout the house- from the clichéd backyard or garden to the lovely bedrooms. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the potential of home decor swing in enhancing the appeal … Read more

4 Kerala Homes for Bedroom Interior Design Inspiration

kerala homes

Kerala homes are famous for their natural ambience. In the present design scenario, professionals and amateurs alike prefer more rustic and natural elements in their homes. Therefore, buildings with vernacular design and with diverse raw materials are a common sight in southern parts of India. This post presents four of the most rustic and organic … Read more

Gurgaon Homes: 3 Projects for Artistic Design Inspiration!

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The current design scenario is open to so much inspiration that we are witnessing an exciting period for the profession. Designers today are no longer restricted to one particular interior design style. Our search for elegant interior design has led us to these 3 Gurgaon homes that score high on aesthetics, modernism and relevance! Read … Read more

4 Essential Reasons to Try the Rustic Interior Design Style

Rustic interior design style

It is no brainer that the current design scenario encourages ample use of the rustic interior design style. The rustic design is finding applications in a plethora of projects. From modern and minimalistic places to the most traditional homes, the distinct appeal of raw wood makes it one of the most popular interior design trends … Read more

Goa Homes: 2 Inspiring Projects for Soulful Design Inspiration 

goa homes

Goa is the one place where you will see the charm of coastal interior design styles in its true elegance. The goa homes feature a lot of influence of Portuguese and French, basically European interior design and decoration. However, a typical goa home design doesn’t undermine its own identity. It often presents a lot of … Read more