Basement Remodelling Ideas: 6 Unbelievable Projects!

Basements and attics are among the most inhabitable places in the modern home. Only the people with enough hands-on experience can come up with innovative basement remodelling ideas, transforming the space from creepy to cosy! Sound knowledge of design allows you to lose not one bit of your space.

Like other spaces in the house, the large surface finishes including flooring, walls and ceiling are the first thing to consider. Concrete flooring, exposed bricks, and the ceiling above can be the starting point of an industrial interior design style. However, the options are endless as seen by these basement remodelling projects!

1. Industrial Style Basement Remodelling

basement remodelling ideas

The solid basement space bugged Beth from the design blog Unskinny Boppy and inspired her to create a stunning home office for her husband!

The stereotypically masculine colour palette, sporty decor and efficient use of wood was a perfect fit for a home office. The exposed ceiling with ducts highlights the industrial inspiration in this project while keeping the budget in control. Additionally, the pendant lamps enliven the space with ample lighting in the work area!

2. Cosy Basement Room

basement remodelling ideas

This project involved the remodelling of a spacious basement with extensive wooden panelling.

Heather from The Heathered Nest saw beyond the hideous space and got to work as soon as she got to know about it. She started with stripping down the fake wood panelling and installed drywall!

basement remodelling ideas

Voila! It is inconceivable now that this beautiful, comfortable, and bright space has anything to do with the past condition. The main attraction of the space, the spacious, charcoal and tufted velvet sofa provides ample space to relax and socialize. The furry rug underneath brings a much-needed warmth and life to space.

3. Creepy To Cosy

basement remodelling ideas

With bare walls, open ceiling, and unfinished flooring, this basement resembles a horror movie set! However, Kat and Mitch, the design bloggers, saw enough potential in this space to invest.

basement remodelling ideas

The remarkable basement remodelling ideas from this project are an inspiration for the whole community.
The basement now features two separate zones for leisure and work. The couple has separate work areas now. The use of ample light décor cheers up the whole atmosphere and overall gives a cosy, convenient space to live life!

4. From Incomplete To Irresistible!

Home designers Chris and Julia wanted more from this mundane space for kids. Creating utility and function without compromising the aesthetics is central to the design.

basement remodelling ideas

basement remodelling ideas
With the advantage of having a properly finished space, they rolled their sleeves for this project. The sectional sofa at the centre provides a perfect space for the family to gather and talk. Additionally, the stylish pendant lamps and recessed lighting cheer up space quite well.

5. IKEA Basement Remodelling

Basements and attics often have a damp and mouldy ambience that brings a lot of problems for the owners. Such spaces can’t even serve the function of storage and are a constant threat for termite infestation!

basement remodelling ideas

John and Sherry from the design blog Young House Love started taking on their problems one by one. Right at the beginning, they applied Drylok Moisture sealing paint to the cinderblock walls and regrade the exterior for drainage out of the house.

basement remodelling ideas

After managing the dampness, the basement turned into a sweet and highly affordable area with IKEA furniture and FIor carpets. The now clean and functional space boasts of immense storage and work possibilities.

6. Stylish Basement Remodel

basement remodelling ideas

This dark and cluttered basement was not very useful for the owners except for the storage.

The basement is now a comfortable family area has the cosy appeal for the family to connect and unwind. The luxury vinyl plank flooring replacing the brown carpet was a sweet twist of fate and enabled a plethora of basement remodelling ideas to function. Additionally, the stark white ceiling paint optimizes the lighting in this industrial styled basement design.

basement remodelling ideas

Most people moan about not having enough space in their homes for stunning interior design ideas to function. However, once they catch hold of understated spaces like the stairway, hallways, basement and attics, they realize that they don’t need a lot of space to create elegant interiors!

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