While the neutral tones reserve a special place in our hearts, in the current design scenario, vivid colours can give a trendy look to your bedroom interior design. This post presents seven beautiful bedroom colours for walls that can help you carve out a perfect resting abode!

The bedroom is a private space that has to be designed with care. Keeping in mind the functionality is extremely important as any discrepancy can lead to an inconvenient waste of space. Taking into account elements like sunny windows, the designers featured in the below projects have come up with best bedroom colours.

1. Bedroom colours for walls: Khaki Green bedroom

bedroom colours for walls


Designed by Heidi Caillier, this guest bedroom is adorned by a soothing shade of natural green.  The green hue works excellently with the accents colours in the space, bringing a distinct, cohesive outlook to the plan.

2. Icy Blue

bedroom colours for walls


The icy blue is one of the best bedroom colours out there. The serene appeal of the design ensures a peaceful ambience without giving the space the typical banality often seen with neutral tones.

The dreamy appeal of the design comes with elegant aesthetics and versatility to the interior design. Additionally, the linen bedding and the side table accent chair create a hint of minimalism.

3. Soft Black Bedroom walls

bedroom colours for walls


Black is rarely mentioned in the list of bedroom colours for walls. However, the design scenario in 2020 is rapidly turning the tide. The design community is in awe with the sleek, soft black elegance of black bedroom colours!

Contrary to common public perception, darker shades can significantly amplify the space through depth and dimension. Additionally, dark bedroom colours for walls set the mood right according to space.

4. Caramel luxury bedroom walls

bedroom colours for walls


Designed by Danielle Colding, this bedroom interior design presents a luxurious outlook with beige. The upholstered headboard matches the backdrop. Additionally, the studded broader adds intrigue and character to the design and the beige blends into timeless aesthetics.

5. Purple bedroom walls

bedroom colours for walls


The beautiful royal purple accent wall from Krsnaa Mehta does a compelling job in instilling a vibrant personality to the bedroom interior design. The deep shades in the design help in absorbing excess light in the room.

6. Unconventional Terracotta bedroom walls

bedroom colours for walls


The terracotta walls in this Canadian townhouse’s guest bedroom challenges the design norms. The elegant warmth in the design is hard to miss.

Additionally, the large artwork on the wall helps in interrupting the monotony of dark brown. People who get repulsed by bright neons and casual pastel shades can easily infuse this shade in their bedroom design!

7. Fairytale-ish Marigold

bedroom colours for walls


Yellow is one of the most preferred bedroom colours for walls. This bedroom presents a beautiful mix of marigold, navy blue and olive green. The sunny shades work excellently with the accent pieces and metallic finishes for glamorous aesthetics.

Additionally,  the bronze pendant lights and the exciting frame stools are the highlights of this bedroom design. These shades accentuate the shining appeal of the design scheme.

These seven ideas for bedroom colours can help you create beautiful bedrooms that present timeless aesthetics and a functional colour palette.

Featured image: TREVOR TONDRO, Design: J.P.Hortan