Are you familiar with the heavenly sensation of walking barefoot on the grass? Modern interior design and decoration had grown when more mechanical, corporate-like interiors were in the spotlight. Biophilic design is rapidly becoming the thing of future as seen in the interior design trends in 2020.

Humans have an inherent desire to connect with nature. The human obsession with materialism and the rat race of life has often deterred us from living life to the fullest. However, we have come back to nature time and again.

Needless to say, it isn’t a novel concept. Indoor plants are in no way a 2020 discovery. However, what biophilic design does is, it makes a conscious effort to go beyond the clichéd money plant hanging from your balcony. The options are endless; here are 7 biophilic design ideas that can instantly add a natural charm in your home!

1. Biophilic design in the bathroom

biophilic design

The bathroom is a space that requires serenity and a calm atmosphere. With enough attention to details, decorating your bathroom as a tribute to biophilia is a cakewalk!

Bath mats with pebbles, moss or towels with organic cotton can help you craft a dreamy bathroom. With bamboo, warmth and humidity requiring plants in a corner will help you ace the biophilic design.

2. Add a scent of biophilia in your bedroom

biophilic design

The bedroom is the ultimate place to unwind. Having your favourite biophilic design elements in this space can help you curb your design woes!

Wallpapers with floral tropical prints, organic bedsheets with natural fibres like silk, cotton or bamboo are a must-have for people looking forward to this trend. We understand you’re not designing an Ashram but crafting out a beautiful soulful ambience from thin air is the whole point of biophilia!

Protip: If you have a study nook in the bedroom, just adding a few herbs at the window sill can instil the green charm all over the place!

3. Living room design with biophilic design elements

biophilic design

Not everyone is blessed with huge windows that open into lush foliage. Living rooms are one of the most critical places in your home.

Taking care while adding biophilic design elements is a must for this space. You need to create a functional place and not turn it into a jungle! Just start with a couple of cacti or ferns as decor for this space, and you’ll be fine.

Pictures, art, wallpapers with natural patterns are enough to create a perfect biophilic design in your living room!

4. Home Office Design with biophilic design elements

biophilic design

Home offices are one of the most trending spaces in the post-pandemic world. With lockdown restrictions still in place in certain parts of the world, home offices are must-haves modern homes.

How can you create a compelling, soulful working ambience for yourself? Just adding a few beautiful indoor plants in your workspace can go a long way for creating functionality out of thin air!

5. Vertical gardens

biophilic design

This is for those who are willing to go all in!

With vertical gardens and indoor plants gaining popularity in the current design scenario, finding green walls in the most luxurious homes is not uncommon.

With biophilic interior design, you get to capitalise on the lush appeal of plants without splurging unnecessarily on art decor. From the living room and kitchens to the most private bedrooms and bathrooms, the possibilities are endless for this design!