With the biophilic interior design in the picture, you can have all the warmth and natural aura you need in your living room! What’s more remarkable is that you don’t need to compromise on your budget or style; even a few indoor plants will do wonders to your design scheme.

Despite all the advancement of design and architecture, a lifeless set of interiors is a common sight in modern homes. An obsession with modernism and minimalism might lead you straight into this trap of over clean, mechanical and cold designs. However, people are increasingly becoming aware of the pitfalls of these corporate-like interiors.

Interior design with plants is so much in the discussion today that it has almost become a fad. However, the skill of crafting a perfect set of indoor plants according to your colour palette and lighting is rarely a task for an amateur. In this article, we are featuring some of the best indoor plants for an invitingly warm and ecstatic set of interiors!

It is worth noting that the plant’s lighting requirements come before the owner’s aesthetic taste. Moreover, keeping the plants with similar conditions of light, water, and manure can make your life a lot easier! Pay attention to the pots, don’t put cactuses and ferns side by side and you’re good to go!

1. Split Leaf Philodendron


biophilic interior design

Elegant, artsy and low-maintenance; The Monstera deliciosa is one of the best indoor plants for modern homes. The plant is favoured by the French artist, Henri Matisse. It is a go-to option for biophilic interior design for most of the designers.

The bright green leaves appear to be artistically cut that goes with scores of interior design styles. Additionally, you can cut off the plant keeping the intact air roots and grow multiple plantlets for your convenience!

2. Kentia Palm

biophilic interior design

Howea forsteriana of the Kentia Palm is another low maintenance indoor plant that grows well in large spaces. Some of the most beautiful biophilic interior designs feature this plant in beautiful traditional urns matching the style of the interiors.

The plant requires weekly watering and thrives well in moderate to bright lighting conditions.

3. Fiddle leaf fig

biophilic interior design

The Ficus lyrata grows several feet tall, has air purifying properties and contributes to drama in your space.

However, there’s a caveat to using this; this plant can be toxic to your pets. Keep it at one place in your home, and it will help you in driving away pests and diseases.

4. Snake Plant

biophilic interior design

Famous for its air purifying properties, Sansevieria trifasciata or the snake plant is one of the best indoor plants out there. The elegant sword-shaped leaves emerging from the soil bed add to the visual appeal and balance of the space.

This biophilic interior design plant is super low maintenance and can go without water for a couple of weeks! However, it is better to keep the leaves fresh and clean and the soil a little moist.

The snake plant is increasingly becoming popular in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai suffering from dangerous AQI levels!

5. Rubber Plant

biophilic interior design

The rubber plant is another feather in the cap of a biophilic interior design enthusiast. With attractive shiny leaves, the rubber plant is a common sight in interior design with plants.

However, the milky sap from the leaves can be toxic to pets and children.

6. Meyer Lemon Tree

biophilic interior design

The Meyer lemons are considered to be a hybrid between lemons and mandarin oranges. Most of the interior designers use this indoor plant for the sweet citrus smell it contributes to the surroundings.

The Citrus X meyeri or the Meyer lemon plants can work well with bright sunlight and do wonders for your living room! Like other indoor plants, this also requires weekly watering and thrives easily without much care.

7. Peperomia

biophilic interior design

These cute little plants can be the highlight of small spaces. Being perfectly safe for pets and children, the plant can be a safe addition to bedrooms and bookshelves. The peperomia also has air purifying qualities.

However, this plant can attract mealybugs and aphids so might not be very easy to maintain!

Biophilic interior design is an easy option for people decorating their homes on a budget. These seven best indoor plants in this article can help elevate the aesthetics and warmth of your home!