Social media has led to some significant change in modern society. For architects, social media can be an excellent platform to grow and get quality leads. Marketing for architects, designers and allied professionals has become a game-changer in recent years. An architect can get in touch with professionals and clients from all over the world by using social media to their advantage. Please don’t take our word for it; listen to what HPD Architects, a three-person Dallas-based architecture firm has to say about their magnificent growth on the web!

“No one knew about us.”

As Laura Davis, HPD Vice President says, “It was important to increase visibility to survive in the rough economy”, in an interview on HingeMarketing. Pretty much like any professional in the year 2009, the HPD owners felt lost in a world increasingly going online. Their willingness to increase brand awareness proved to be vital, leading to a favourable chain of events.  

Having the foresight that social media marketing can give way to enormous exposure to their architectural practice, HPD architects started small with Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Later on, this decision proved to be fruitful when they began making their presence felt in the design community online. 


Taking it one step at a time, HPD Architects started with making straightforward claims about their position in the industry. Being honest about what they stand for and what they are willing to contribute to the community allowed them to build healthy relationships with people all over the world. 

Having a clear cut brand strategy allowed them to stand out from a crowd of gibberish content on social media feeds. Transparency attracts quality leads, and they knew this very well. 

A holistic approach to Social Media Marketing

Instead of limiting themselves to one platform, HPD Architects spread across multiple social media. From Twitter and Facebook to recording podcasts and blogs, the firm grew big enough to gather a significant following on the web. 

  • Twitter – The team set foot by following the greats in their field. Maintaining engagement and participating in discussions sprouted the seeds of their exposure to the world of design. From interacting with local fellow professionals and design enthusiasts and arranging meetups to expanding their reach globally, they have indeed come a long way!
  • Facebook – The firm has created an authentic educational resource on their Facebook page; this builds authenticity and attracts quality leads from clients all over the world!
  • Podcasts – Their podcast series, called The Architecture Happy Hour, is a monthly audio recording of anything related to architecture and design. By use of effective promotional strategies, channelling traffic from all their social media, the firm has now hundreds of loyal subscribers!

AHH Logo

  • Blog – HPD uses its blog to spotlight innovative and exciting happenings within its community without sounding like bragging or being too self-centred! 

Quality Content

In a world filled with spams and promotions, HPD Architects have managed to build valuable relationships with their followers by providing quality content. With everyone struggling with cluttered inboxes, spams are the deal-breaker in the world today. 

HPD not only relied on producing new content but also shared and promoted the content they found to be authentic and relevant. Again, this helped them build a good repertoire in the design community. 

Managing Time

It can be daunting to manage your social media and give your attention to your professional skill. Keeping it at a consistent pace, the HPD team dedicates on average an hour per day on social media efforts like:

  • Recording and editing podcasts
  • Interacting on Twitter
  • Sharing content on Facebook
  • Writing blog posts

Is It Worth It? 

The firm’s Google rankings speak for themselves. Today, HPD Architects boast of a massive following on the internet, all because of the initial efforts of Laura to create brand awareness; A decision that snowballed into taking them to the zenith of their profession!


The field of architecture has always been highly competitive. When there is so much at stake, you can’t afford to take risks. Being a skilled professional with a well placed social media marketing strategy will help you immensely in growing big in our field. 

Architectoniq comes with a wide range of content marketing packages to help you get this right. Focus on your skill and let us create a beautiful online presence for you. 

Make the decision now that would turn your dreams into reality, just like Laura Davis did for her firm!