How Neon Lighting Shapes Architecture

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Neon lights are increasingly becoming popular owing to their use in contemporary pop culture. With a soothing aura tied with a vintage outlook, the neon lights are capable of making significant improvements in any architectural space or structure. Despite being used so diversely throughout the world in different sectors, neon lamps are still often neglected … Read more

Architecture Building Space for Empathy

Architecture Building

Architecture and design has always influenced us. It appeals to our conscience and challenge our thinking when done with skill, emotion and substance. Therefore even with all that is going on in the world today, architects and designers around the world are coming out together to create a social impact that some people rarely associate … Read more

16 Best 3D Modelling Software for Architecture (2020)

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For an architect or a designer, modelling and rendering are an important part of the job. Being able to present their ideas and projects with 3D models allow them to influence the people around them. Enhanced 3D modelling can be vital for getting clients. Architects, designers and hobbyists aim to use the best of the … Read more