Let’s Hear from the Legend: B. V. Doshi


The name Balkrishna Doshi holds special significance in the context of Indian design. With 67 years of architectural practice, B.V. Doshi has become the face of the most venerated designs in the country. From revolutionalising architecture education to implementing global design practice in the Indian subcontinent, B.V. Doshi has led to massive improvements in the … Read more

Home-Office: Best Practices

Home office

Companies and firms all over the world nowadays are encouraging their employees to work from their home. As comfortable as it sounds to take projects head-on sitting on a couch in your favourite pyjamas, this is not a practice that you need in your routine. With the rise in work from home culture, we need … Read more

Clutter free is the first step to success

Clutter free

From making your space look disorganised and untidy to creating distractions and hurdles affecting the smooth implementation of your daily routine, a cluttered home is bound to affect your productivity. More importantly, things like documents which are essential to you might end up disappearing in the clutter, taking up a considerable amount of your time … Read more