If there is one celebrity that has captured the hearts of people from all over the country, it’s the great south Indian God; Rajnikanth. Venerated for his action roles in South Indian cinema, Rajnikanth is one of the most successful actors in the country. In this article, we draw inspiration from the celebrity interiors of Rajnikanth’s home in Pune. 


1. Landscape Architecture at its best

In the 21st century, a home with a natural link is a luxury. Not a lot of people in urban cities can afford a place situated in the greens. 

This design scheme is standard for a vast majority of interiors of celebrity homes. Evading a life of distraction, glitz and glamour is a priority for celebrities. Luckily enough, nature provides a much-needed respite from the chaos of the red carpet by creating a soothing ambience. 

Rajnikanth’s home oversees a perfect backdrop of green. Designers make full use of the landscape surrounding the site and therefore, in most of the celebrity interiors, the view plays a vital role. 


2. Modern Interiors

With an interior design focused on open spaces and clean-cut surfaces, the house follows a minimalistic outlook. The modern interior design creates functionality in the most reserved areas in the home. With ample space in the home, Rajnikanth finds a piece of paradise in his living room. 

rajni pune big living room

The vast glass walls create an enchanting connection with nature breaking the monotony of whites and greys in the living room. At the same time, with a living room embraced on two sides by nature, the interiors give out a clutter-free aura. Modern interiors focus on reducing distraction, and this home is a great success story for the designers. 


3. Unique Decor Kitchen

The challenge for people planning the interior design of celebrity homes comes not in managing the costs, but in carving out functionality and convenience and getting the most out of the system. This home has a modern modular kitchen designed to bring comfort, quality and functionality while giving out an unbelievably clean outlook. 

celebrity interiors


4. Passageway

The passageway in the home creates a connection between the private areas. The decor used in the corridor multiplied the aesthetics of the site. Creating sitting areas in the gallery by installing luxury benches takes full control over the functionality of the place. The interior design of celebrity homes often makes way for a common corridor, hall or passageway that adds to the modern appeal of the house. 

rajni pune

Corridor decor brings a chic appeal to the interiors of celebrity homes. However, designers must take enough care not to overdo things and lose sight of functionality and convenience. 

The use of greyish tones in the interiors encourages a luxuriant shine all over the place. 


5. Nature’s Lap: Bedroom interiors

The bedroom is a private space, so privacy is a factor that influences the design scheme. This rule is especially crucial for an interior design of celebrity homes. Therefore, the interiors have to be in sync with the exterior plan of the building as any disparity can cause a lot of privacy concerns. 

celebrity interiors


The bedroom possesses a glass sliding door exposing the inhabitant to the outside lush green trees. The bedroom decor with a convenient longitudinal strip of a mirror over the bed and a little cabinet creates a cosy, functional design. Overall, the interior design of the bedroom mainly focuses on a play of light and dark shades that show up in most of the celebrity interiors today. 

The interior design culminates into a functional space from heaven that appeals to the conscience and keeps all the distraction and chaos outside the main door! 

Interiors of celebrity homes provide all the inspiration young designers need to enhance their skill. By absorbing these design schemes, these young minds can get a more practical grasp on the subject; something rarely found in the heaviest of textbooks! 

Pictures: ashishmittal.in